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    Hello there,

    I am very to share this space. The atmosfere seems clearer, at least. [​IMG] I am reposting this two questions that did not get any luck on a.e.d.:

    I think that the subject GRE in Engineering will not longer be administered after March. I think this is the case for the subject tests in Economy and Geology, and perhaps others as well.

    Any suggestions on how to obtain the credits or specializations that those tests would had awarded at institutions like Charter Oak or Regents? Do you know of any alternative to these tests?

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    I can't speak to engineering, but when I decided to take a GRE in History (since discontinued)I discovered that by doing so I was prevented from taking 7 (I think) CLEP and Dantes exams as they would not count anymore as they duplicated part of the GRE. I suspect that using CLEPS, Dantes, TESC and other available exams you could piece together a group of tests that would duplicate the GRE in scope and deliver an equal amount of credit. This would be somewhat more expensive than a GRE but still less expensive that most any other option.
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    You don't say how much experience you have.
    If you are in the USA, you could contact your
    state board of professional engineers to
    see if you are eligible to take either the
    fundamentals of engineering exam or the
    principles of engineering exam. The first
    one may be worth some college credit. The
    second one would make you eligible for
    a professional engineering licence, which
    is approximately equal to a masters degree.
    However, demonstrating the required years
    of experience without a degree is difficult.

    See for a good overview of
    this area; they are a publisher of study
    aids for these exams, but there is lots of
    free info on their site.

    Gerry Ashton

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