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    One of my friends earned World College BEET degree.
    He has a good career working at AT&T as a Senior Engineer.

    If ever planing to use the degree outside USA?

    Some limitations of DETC degree is that in many European countries they recognize only US RA degrees and for Engineering or Technology ABET accredited degrees.

    So DETC degree may bit be accepted by institutions or employers who require official NARIC evaluation.
    Because NARIC UK or other European countries refuses to evaluate US NA degrees only
    RA degrees are accepted for equivalency evaluation as comparable to UK or other Eu degrees.

    If Masters degree is your goal, I think RA undergraduate degree may serve you better.
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    Is CIE/World College Online or via correspondence? I just want to make sure I understand correctly. Also, is there any other school that is online and within the price range or cheaper? IT or CS for career. I'm also interested in some low cost religion courses for my own personal development. Thank you all, I am very appreciative of all of your help!

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