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  1. John Bear

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    On the news group, Eric Daniels asked for comments on Grantham College of Engineering ( They are now 50 years old, utterly reputable, offering nonresident BS degrees in computer science (little or no prior experience required) and computer or electronic engineering technology (experience needed). In the 25 years I've been getting feedback from readers, there have only been 3 or 4 complaints about Grantham, and they all deals with the matter of "busy work" courses for people who already had that knowledge -- and, most recently, a lament (I could have written it myself) from a potential student who wondered why Grantham doesn't deal with the tens of millions of us who use Macintoshes.

    John Bear
  2. Steve B

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    I have been a student of Grantham College
    for some time now. I am a senior currently
    studying "Control Systems", which is my last
    course before receiving my BSEET degree. I have always been satisfied with
    the course material. The instructors have
    always been helpful when I had questions about the material.
    If someone thinks Grantam might be an easy
    way to get a degree, forget it. The course
    material can be very challenging.

    There is a student website at

    Gratham now has a student council. I believe
    this is the only distance learning institution
    to have one.

    BTW Dr Bear, I learned of Grantham through
    your book.

    Steve B


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