Graduate tuition to increase at APU/AMU in June 2011

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by truckie270, Dec 22, 2010.

  1. truckie270

    truckie270 New Member

    I just received an internal memo from my Program Director at APUS indicating that graduate tuition will increase from $300/hr. to $325/hr. for courses starting in June 2011.
  2. imalcolm

    imalcolm New Member

    Well, I should be finished with my MS Space Studies by then. But I was planning to do a grad cert in IT afterward.

    I'll probably still do that anyway. Oh well. :(
  3. TMW2009

    TMW2009 New Member

    Hmm... I guess this is something that should have been expected (but I know many hoped that it wouldn't happen). At least $75 per class isn't too huge a jump for right now. I'm still looking at the idea of picking up a bunch of classes for grad credit and then switching to NSU's new program & transfering two courses into it which would save me in the long run.

    When was the last time they increased tuition?
  4. truckie270

    truckie270 New Member

    I believe (do not quote me), it went from $250 to $275 in 2008-09 and from $275 to $300 in 2009-10.
  5. bpreachers

    bpreachers New Member

    And once their specialized accreditations start getting approved (Such as CEPH and AASCB) it will go up even more.
  6. 03310151

    03310151 Active Member

    Glad I'm done.
  7. dlcurious

    dlcurious Member

    That's really not steep all things considered. UIS averaged around $10 a year while I was active in the program but the other fees were also adjusted to make it around $25-30 a year.
  8. truckie270

    truckie270 New Member

    Good thing you are done. You would be really depressing if you had to face a tuition increase.
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  9. Cyber

    Cyber New Member

    A meager $25 increase is nothing to "write home about" at all. Even if they went up by $50, as a for-profit school, I think that is expected yearly (profit MUST be turned in every year). NCU's tuition, in comparison, goes up in January from $1830 to $2200. Now that's the type of increase that causes "teeth gnashing. Shhhhh don't tell anyone...
  10. okydd

    okydd New Member

    For profit schools that is increasing their tuitions exorbitantly, maybe welcoming acquisition from new investors. Captive students in the short-term, increase revenue, big cash reserve, good looking balance sheet; I smell capital gains.NxU.
    APUS tuition increases are like coolers; they go down smoothly; you have a few, then it hits you. You have been floored. A just under 10% increase each year will double tuition in 7 to 10 years; nothing meager about that.
  11. Rohan

    Rohan New Member

    Hey guys, talking of APU. I know it is RA but how do you feel about reputation of APU in the IT industry? I am looking at one of their IT masters program.
  12. tito8499

    tito8499 New Member

    I do hope they gain AACSB, CEPH, NASPAA professional accrediations. They need those if they want to distance themselves from ordinary for-profit schools like Stayer, Kaplan.
  13. japhy4529

    japhy4529 House Bassist

    Agreed. I especially hope that they obtain CEPH accreditation, as I am seriously considering their MPH program. They are currently an applicant, with an decision anticipated by Spring 2012.

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