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    Does anyone know about any DL graduate degree for Digital Media Communications. I'm only interested in B&M universities that may offer this program.

    Thanks for your input.:feedback:

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    UNC: masters in digital media (MATC)
    Introduction to the MATC | Master of Arts in Technology and Communication

    Not exactly digital media, but:

    Johns Hopkins University offers an online MA in Communication with a concentration in Digital Communication
    Johns Hopkins University | Advanced Academic Programs | Krieger School of Arts and Sciences | Academic Programs | Communication | Home

    Full Sail University: MFA in Media Design
    Media Design MFA Degree : Full Sail Online

    The New School: MA in Media Studies
    Media Theory and Media Studies | The New School

    New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT): MSPTC

    Recognized as one of the world's top business schools, IE Business School offers an online Master of Digital Marketing; however, the program is based on two online training periods and three face-to-face periods, each lasting between one and two weeks.
    Master in Digital Marketing - IE Business School

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