Graduate Certificates . . . suitable for a career change or are they worth it?

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    This probably doesn't help, but when I look for non-degree courses, they frequently use the word "certificate" in the title. If someone doesn't read your CV/resume closely, they might not appreciate the credential for what it is. I operate from the assumption that the person filtering my resume might have been selling fro-yo last month at the mall. For that reason, my CV/resume is VERY VERY clear. I have a section titled "degrees" and another titled "other education" so for me, the cert would fall in "other education" which is a friggin long section on my resume. I'd fear it being lost.
    I realize that probably means an additional course or two and an exit requirement, but for all the effort it takes to get a cert, if it were me, I'd finish it out and earn the degree.
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    I agree, I have mind set up as:

    BS in Individualized Studies (Business & Technology) – Charter Oak State College
    MS in IT Management – Touro College (Touro University International Campus)
    Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Risk Management - University of Florida
    PhD in Business Administration – Northcentral University

    Continuing Education and Certifications
    Lean Six Sigma – University of South Florida
    Root Cause Analysis - University of Florida
    Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate - 6 Sigma Study
    Lean Certified - Society for Manufacturing Engineers
    Project Management Certified – CompTIA

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