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    Hi All,

    Since we are on the subject of grad certificates...

    I have been considering getting one in Accounting. I have an undergrad in accounting and have recently completed my DBA (not Accounting) but would like/may need more recent units in accounting, although I am already an adjunct.

    Any suggestions? most are 10k from my early research and that is more than I want to spend.

    Waiting for input!
  2. sshuang

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    Golden Gate University offers graduate certificate in accounting for about that much. BTW, where did you get your DBA?

  3. foobar

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    How many accounting hours in your DBA? I would definately look at professional certification (CPA, CMA, CIA) if you intend to teach accounting courses.
  4. vinodgopal

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    Accounting program from Meridian College

    I will be going to Meridian college this summer in Sydney Australia. They have a diploma in accounting that is 9 months in duration. They cost about Aus $10000.
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    Here are a few more grad certificates in accounting, most of which are around $10,000...seems like that is the going rate. One, Northeastern University, offers a four course certificate in forensic accounting that is a little under $8,000. Here are the links.

    Regis University

    Ellis College of NYIT

    Strayer University

    Northeastern University


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