GPA for MBA considers only graduation score ??

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    Hello friends ,

    I am new to this forum ,and really love the way people share their knowledge over here .
    I am a Bachelor of Engineering in Telecommunications from Mumbai,India and am planing to do a MBA from USA/UK .
    i was little confused about the GPA calculations ., wanted to know ,which courses/marks are included to calculate the GPA?
    are only the graduation degree marks considered or also the 10th and 12th exam marks considered .
    also after my graduation in engineering , i was attempting UPSC (civil service entrance exams of INDIA) for two years along with a job . along with this i am pursuing (distance learning,will complete by dec,2012);
    1. MBA from IGNOU,New delhi . ( Credit points:-126)
    2. Post-Graduate Diploma in Business administration (human resource ) . [ Credit points:- 96 ]
    3. Masater of Public administration (MPA) from IGNOU,New Delhi. [Credit points :- 80]
    so i wanted to know if these marks will also be considered for my GPA or only of my engineering aggregate ??
    please guide me about my doubt .i will be giving my GMAT on 18th October,2011 .

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