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    I am looking at getting back into government service as a civilian employee.
    At one time I was employed by them as an ART. This position required you to be in the active reserves while being a civilian employee. Both jobs were the same in that you did the same job as a civilian as you did as a reservist. In my case, I repaired navigation and communication equipment on the C130 aircraft. I have 12 years in government service.
    I have been trying to get employment at a base near by for ten years. I have all the qualifications needed. For some reason, they keep passing me over.
    Can any one, with inside information, tell me what the problem may be?
    Can it be my age? I am no spring chicken and have over 30 years in the work force. My experience is in management and purchasing.
    Is there a magic formula that I am missing?
    Looking for help......

    Thanks, Jim
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    ART service is a different title (USC) than the competitive civil service and many civilian personnel are not familiar with the difference. This lack of knowledge may make it difficult to properly qualify your application. If you would PM me your previous title and series (I don't need the grade unless you want to offer) and the title and series for which you are applying I may be able to offer some advice. (Or, we can continue the dialog here for others' benefit.)

    Are you are directly addressing the KSAs, Knowledge, Skills, Abilities required of the position?

    As an aside, DOD positions are difficult to move into from outside, especially with the number of displaced employees looking for positions due to BRAC activities.

    You might consider the following sites for additional opportunities:

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