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    I have an Associate Degree and enrolled in SUNY ESC Computer Science program. I have, I think, about 80 credit hours. I'm already well established in my career (web and software development). As such, my plan was to get my bachelor's degree online as quickly as possible without spending too much.

    I reviewed several "computer science" programs and settled on SUNY ESC about 3 years ago. I took 2 classes at SUNY DISTANCE and made A's in both of them. Unfortunately, the classes were both of below average quality and very time consuming. In other words, they were a lot of work but I didn't see much for what I was paying for. I enjoyed one of the classes but the work load was much more then expected and the payoff much less. One thing about SUNY DISTANCE is that the level of advise that I've received seemed poor.

    Now, I'm reviewing programs again and thinking whether to try to transfer into another better online program or try to finish at SUNY ESC -- and get the paper.

    I have a strong background in C++, .NET, C#, application development, web development, advanced programming like multi-threading. I do not have any interest in networking certifications like A+ or CISCO. I do have an interest in Machine Learning, data science, HTML5, mobile development, and emerging technologies that may be relevant to my future work.

    I do not have an interest in theoretical or mathematical areas relevant to computer science.

    I am looking at this from 2 different angles:

    Angle #1 Finish as Fast As Possible With Least Effort. This generally means trying to avoid the heavy mathematics found in some computer science programs as I lack those credits.

    Angle #2 Get a degree/program that hits my primary interest areas in HTMl5, web development, machine learning, data science.

    So, my question is are there any programs that I should look at that are "actually good" and would teach me something relevant or should I just try to muscle through and get a Comp Sci degree?

    Ideally, I'd like find an online program that has HTMl5, web development, machine learning-- non profit and that will accept my existing credits and has good online learning like video lectures and good teachers.
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    It's also worth looking at Thomas Edison, Excelsior, and Charter Oak. All three have relatively quick options, given your Associates degree. Do be aware of any upper-level requirements in all 3 cases as this is not an unusual stumbling point for a 2-year degree.
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    Thanks. I'm also looking at the Fort Hayes program. The WGU program has a lot of certifications which admittedly could be useful but from experience, I know those are hard and rather specialized. If I could get a Bachelor's quickly then maybe I could get into the Master's program at Georgia Tech.
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    I've looked at all things considered and plan to stay at ESC. I called my mentor and they do offer credits for prior learning assessment. They also allow up to 16 hours approved to be taken from other institutions. I figured that I can complete my degree in about a year with prior learning credit.

    One of the things I was looking at is the cost per credit hour increased a lot since I last attended from $200 to $350 today appx. However, prior learning credit is billed at a much reduced rate.

    So, I still think this is one of the better programs for me. I'm going to try to stick with it.
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    You might want to look into Bellevue University as well, especially since you have an associates degree. The CIS degree is not accelerated, so it won't be an overnight slam dunk. As a former techie, I can tell you that I didn't learn too much technically in my program, but I didn't take the Computer Information Systems degree. And when I graduated, there was no such thing as HTML5. Heck, XML was still a solution in search of a problem (it found one).

    I still find training (self or otherwise) and community colleges to be where technical learning lives. The Microsoft Virtual Academy has free HTML5 training.

    Computer Information Systems Degree - Bachelor of Science
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    It sounds like you might like Applied Computer Science, as it usually has a less heavy Mathematics requirement.

    TROY - Undergraduate Catalog/College of Arts and Sciences

    If you want it fast,then you might want to consider Northern Arizona University. (Online, competency-based.)
    ******** Northern Arizona University | Standard Page

    Since you don't want to take certification tests, then that means you don't want to do WGU.
    BS IT - Software Courses

    Someone ready to work hard (and with so many credits) could be done at short order at one of the Big Three (Charter Oaks, Thomas Edison, or Excelsior), if willing to test out.
    If interested in one of those, a great resource to get you going is this site:
    CLEP Forum - CLEP Study - CLEP Testing - Study Guide and Strategies

    Hope this helps.
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