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    I usually stay away from the political debates (you know that whole “battle of wits with an unarmed person thing”), but this is a very interesting article.-

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    In January 1973, Private Gary Donahue was on his second tour of duty in Vietnam when he stopped with a few other GIs at a sweaty Saigon bar called the Roc Club. It was nearing midnight, and the place was thick with well-lubricated soldiers and local women. A middle-aged Vietnamese crooner prowled a makeshift stage, singing standards like "Mack the Knife" and "Luck Be a Lady."

    Suddenly, a trim, clean-cut American grabbed the microphone. "Howdy, folks!" the man yelled in a slight twang. "How ya'll feel about hearing a little music?" Donning a straw Vietnamese hat, the man launched into a raucous, heartfelt version of "Deep in the Heart of Texas" and then "Wooly Bully."

    Afterward the mystery performer sat with Donahue and several of his fellow rifle-platoon soldiers, and the men quickly attracted a gaggle of young Vietnamese women. Over beers and shots of Rebel Yell, the stranger told them he was in the country on "government business," but was vague about details. He boasted that he "worked alone." He said he'd traveled throughout the warring country, and when Donahue asked if he'd crossed the border into Cambodia and Laos, the man grinned and winked. Then he showed off a pair of crocodile-skin cowboy boots he'd purchased from a peddler in Saigon. "I've been looking for boots like this for a month," the man said, rubbing his hand over the slick skin. "Mission accomplished!"

    "He was sketchy but charming," Donahue recalled. "The girls loved him. Everyone loved him. I assumed he was CIA."

    More than two decades passed, and Donahue forgot all about that mysterious American from the Roc Club. But then one night in 1994, while watching a CNN report on a gubernatorial race in Texas, Donahue saw that face again.

    "I couldn't believe it," he said. "It was the guy from the bar. And since then, I've often wondered: What on earth was George W. Bush doing in Vietnam?"
  2. Good story, but it sounds like "urban legend" to me....
  3. oxpecker

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    Yeah, right.

    And I saw Elvis in the bar last Saturday.
  4. Randell1234

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    I was thinking of buying "Heat" to see if George W. is in it. I found it online for $99.00. Now I just need to find 98 other people to chip in a dollar each and we could share it!! :D
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    This ranks right up there with UFO abductions in terms of evidence, but it makes a pretty good story. I'd like to see a serious conservative magazine take a go at this and see if they can't find more proof.

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    I wonder if he was wearing a cape?
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    Is there oil in Viet Nam?
  8. Deb

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    I'm not sure which I find harder to believe - that he deserted his post in Alabama to go to 'Nam or that he can sing?
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    Elvis didn't drink.
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    I don't drink either, but guess what - I go to a bar now and again.

    Haven't seen the Big E lately, though.
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    Try Burger King, "Home of the Whopper." Pun intended.

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