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    Oh wow...that really is bad. Usually, you see a photo of someone wearing glasses staring intently at a computer screen (shhhh! She's LEARNING something!)
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    My employer could care less. They didn't bat an eye when I listed "Penn Foster College - in progress" on my resume. Since being hired, I've been promoted to a management position.

    Really, unless you're going to teach or your profession requires you to be professionally licensed, it's usually not a big deal (except to people on distance learning boards).
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    I guarantee most people, including those who participate on this forum, were largely unaware of the national accreditation versus regional accreditation versus professional accreditation issues. In fact, the majority of countries have their educational systems "accredited" by the national and provincial/state governments.
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    While you're at it, the page here:


    needs to have the spelling of Safety corrected.
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    Hi Shawn,

    I don't have a problem with this at all. In fact, I fully EXPECT to work hard for my degree, and actually learn something in the process. I would hope that AJU programs are rigorous, and fully prepare me for graduate studies down the road.
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    What typo? ;)

    Actually... we recently did some web updates and that slipped past our proofing team. Good catch.
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    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Well, if you have multiple degree...then I don't think it is matter. If you have an MS degree in Technical with RA, then an MBA from AJU. I don't think it is matter...and sometimes it has to do with work experiences.
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    LOL So true! My culinary degree (and my husband's) were earned at a (then) NA school, which I didn't know about for the last 18 years until I came here :) I worked for several hotels, restaurants, country clubs, and even a 4 star resort....no one in HR ever said a word to me. My husband's resume is much more corporate than mine, he has several large chains and management companies on his resume, his degree has always been viewed as an asset. Even when I was eventually hired at my community college, I never once heard anything about RA/NA. So for me, if I were to return to the hospitality industry, I have no doubts whatsoever that a NA degree is absolutely fine...better than fine.
    So, only after I came here did I pursue an RA degree LOL.
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    But what if the proctor asks you to wave your left hand? A pre-recorded video wouldn't be able to comply.

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    I honestly don't know much... this looks like such a great oppurtunity that I'm convincing myself it doesn't matter...
    I'm just wondering if I should jump onto this, or try to get a scholarship for an MA.
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    In reality it does not matter, the debate has escalated as follow through the years:

    Accredited vs Non Accredited vs. State Approved

    Regional Accredited vs National Accredited

    Regional Accredited (B&M) vs Regional Accredited Online

    Regional Accredited(non profit) vs Regional Accredited (for profit)

    Regional Accredited (business accredited) vs Regional Accredited(non-business accreditation)

    Regional Accredited (AACSB) vs Regional Accredited (ACBSP)

    Regional Accredited(AACSB, high tier) vs. Regional Accredited (AACSB, low tier)

    and the list goes on and on in the sense my is better than yours because of______.

    It does not matter as long you are aware that some degrees have limitations in certain circumstances. Always keep your options open. For me, I don't care. Best of luck, I think this is a great opportunity that may not repeat itself again, and if does I will jump again on it, even if I don't need it, but better have it and don't need it, than don't have it and need it. :D
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    Acceptance of DETC in law enforcement/govt?

    How useful is a nationally accredited Masters in Criminal Justice? Is this sort of thing universally accepted? I've not considered NA, but for the money it may make sense.
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    Amen Vinipink,

    I am waiting on my webcam also and cannot wait to get started.

    I changed my AJU concentration from MBA-HSM TO Marketing and that was due to all of my previous education is health care related (nursing, paralegal, health administration, clinical research, etc etc).
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