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    Hi everybody, I would appreciate any help. I've listed all my college classes and grades and wonder if anybody here can guide me somewhere to finish my degree....cost is a huge deal for me presently...thank you all in advance..

    Practice and Critique in Interpretation in English 6 C L
    Introduction to Cinema 6 C L
    Introduction to Literature 6 C L
    Practice of Prose in English 6 C L
    Film Theory 6 B U
    Theory and Critique of Literature in English 6 B- U
    American Cinema Sound Scope 6 C L
    Avant Garde and Experimental Film 1.5 C U
    Literature Tradition and Film 6 D- U
    Basic Media Production 6 C L
    Creative Approaches Software 3 B U
    Introduction to Special Film Production Technology 6 B L

    64.5 Semester Units
    Overall GPA 2.15

    San Juan College

    Aircraft Mechanical Operation 3 D
    Advanced Instrument Ground School 1 A
    Multi Engine Ground School 3 B
    7 Semester Units

    Glendale College

    Pilot Lab 1 2 B
    Basic Aeronautics 5 B
    Radio Flight Regulations 3 A

    Overall GPA 3.3

    Pilot Lab 2 3 B
    Navigation 3 A

    Overall GPA 3.5

    Flight Lab 4 D
    Instrument Radio Navigation 3 B
    Aerodynamics 3 A

    Overall GPA 2.5

    Commercial Flight Lab 4 B
    Meteorology 3 A
    Commercial Ground School 3 A

    GPA 3.6

    Units Earned 36
    Grade Points 3.19

    Long Beach Community College

    Instrument Ground School 3 C
    Aircraft Engines & Related Systems 3 A

    GPA 3

    Aeronautical Systems 3 B

    GPA 3
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    Hi George,

    Welcome to the forum!

    My question is do you have a specific major in mind, or are you looking for any legitimate degree program?

    Assuming that you are looking for a non-specific major (e.g. Liberal Studies), I will suggest the following:

    It looks like you have quite a number of credits accumulated (~110) from numerous schools. Since cost (and transfer credit, I assume) is an issue for you, I would suggest looking into Excelsior College. Excelsior is a regionally accredited school located in New York. Excelsior, as well as Thomas Edison and Charter Oak State College, are assessment colleges. What this means is that they are very liberal in transferring credits; accept CLEP and DSST exams and generally offering students (with a number of credits already completed) a very cost-effective way of obtaining a degree. In addition these schools require zero residence and all credits obtained from other regionally (and in some cases, nationally) accredited school are usually accepted (provided that they fit in the appropriate areas of a degree program).

    In taking a quick glance at your course list, it appears that you are pretty close to obtaining a BS in Liberal Studies from Excelsior. You will likely need to take a few gen. ed. courses (eg. History, social sciences) OR take a CLEP or two in these subjects. I'm not sure how many of your completed courses are upper division (300 and 400 level), so you might need to take courses and/or exams to make up this deficit, as Excelsior requires 21 upper-divion credits. Also, Excelsior requires all students to take a one credit course in Information Literacy. No big deal - I've heard that this course is a no brainer.

    Here is a list of fees at Excelsior:

    Application fee = $75
    Information Literacy Course = $315 (1 credit)
    Enrollment fee = $895.
    Graduation fee = $495

    CLEP exams in my area run about $65 each.

    If Excelsior sounds appealing, then as a first step, I would pay the application fee and have all of your transcripts sent to Excelsior for an unofficial evaluation. This will give you an idea of how close you are to finishing your degree. Another option would be to wait for the knowledgeable people that frequent this forum to let you know in exactly which areas you are deficient.

    There are many other options out there. Keep searching this board if you're interested in alternatives.

    Best of luck,
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  3. Ian Anderson

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    I agree with Japhy that the Excelsior BSLS is your best option. You have roughly 43 units that are professional credits and Excelsior will accept up to 59 pro credits as electives. My BSLS electives are pretty much all engineering. I'm not aware of any other college that will accept this amount of professional courses.
    Lookat the chart on page 27 of the Excelsior School of Liberal Arts catalog (you will need to register for a password to get access).
    Most colleges and universities in the US will accept this degree for entrance into a post graduate program.

    Do you a pilots licence? If so you may get credit for that also.

    I did not check the requirements but might also qualify right now for an associates degree from Excelsior.
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  4. Ian Anderson

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    I looked up the Excelsior AS degree requirements. It looks like you might need the following courses:
    English Composition (3)
    Social Sciences and History (6)
    Natural Science/Math (9)
    Information literacy (1)

    Except for the first and last courses listed you could earn all these by CLEP or DSST exams.

    Do you live in California? If so I can point you to a great community college where you could take all but the last one listed of these courses on line and at low cost.

    Getting your AS degree would be a good step towards earning your BS and that would look good on your resume or job application.
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    Hi everybody, I would appreciate any help. I've listed all my college classes and grades and wonder if anybody here can guide me somewhere to finish my degree....cost is a huge deal for me presently...thank you all in advance..

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