Gerontology & Psych. Adulthood/Aging ECE?

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by Lauradglas, Jun 7, 2005.

  1. Lauradglas

    Lauradglas New Member

    Any quick reference easy study guides for these tests? Lawrie's site says to use Cracking The GRE Psych, which I have... but there's not much on aging or age related study in there. Thanx.:confused:
  2. njspeedracer

    njspeedracer New Member

    I took both tests about 3 weeks ago. I studied the relevant chapters in an old Human Development book, researched the terms online and used this site to test myself. I passed both with no problem - a lot of the material overlaps. If you have taken Psychology courses/ tests before they shouldn't be a problem if you study a little. Hope this helps.

  3. marcuscarey

    marcuscarey New Member

    I failed both of those tests

    They are both hard. I aced CLEP Psychology and bombed both of those test. Study hard and good luck.
  4. Lauradglas

    Lauradglas New Member

    I got an A. Truthfully I think my sociology background helped me more than my psychology background. The test asks a lot of questions that check to see if you know the truth vs. stereotypes regarding aging. ie. There are a lot of questions regarding the intelligence of the aged. Research shows that you do not lose intelligence as you age (in the absence of disease processes) but rather that your response time is slower than younger adults. If you know that and the other stereotypes, then you will do alright. Also, the more of these tests I take (this is number 3) the more I realize A LOT depends on your test taking skills. This isn't like high school where they try to trick you on multiple choice, the answers are very very different. So if you know a bit about what it SHOULDN'T be vs. what it SHOULD you will also do well. I hope the CLEP and DANTES exams are similar.
  5. marcuscarey

    marcuscarey New Member

    Having a background in subject matter definitely helps. I'm a computer network geek and a very good test taker. I received 105 credit hours on 27 other exams. It always helped to know something about the subject. I was unprepared for those exams big time. I was running out of possible test at the point I took those and I was trying to finish my BS. Congrats on your results! Good luck in the future!

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