German Defence Minister Faces Plagiarism Allegations (the second one since 2011)

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    The report states: Der Spiegel's report cites findings from anti-plagiarism website "VroniPlag Wiki", which tracks and counts cases of academic misappropriation. According to the website, "elements of plagiarism were found on 27 of 62 pages" of her thesis, which is a "proportion of 43.5 percent."

    Was her doctoral thesis 62 pages in length?
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    Yes, it's 62 pages long. And it's a degree from a German medical school. According to German media, the doctoral thesis of a research doctorate from a medical school in Germany is more likely to be plagiarized than its counterpart from other types of school or departments, at least if you count the plagiarism cases at German universities since 2010. Unfortunately, it almost seems some medical schools here are the academic counterpart to Volkswagen's engineering department.
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    Am I reading this wrong or are they saying that the dissertation is only 62 pages long?
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    Maybe you can't believe it, but it's true. At least if you only count the dissertation itself. "VroniPlag Wiki" has the full dissertation on its website, including the original sources of the plagiarized parts. However, both, the VroniPlag website and the thesis are in German. (
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