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    Oh wow! Sorry to hear that. So you might not attend Duke University's program?
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    Would not be able to unless I am employed full-time. Trying to find something but my area is tough.

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    HAHA! But you said it's a good tech plus business course, right? Won't work to get into higher-level senior roles?

    Or did you mean the STEM OPT extension won't work?

    And it is a STEM course, it seems all management information systems are STEM in the US.

    The job positions you mentioned like the "Principal Information Security Engineer", was that management position or involved more hands-on tech work on the day to day? The title says "engineer" sounds like a tech position.

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    The Georgetown MPS might good for a senior position if one is lucky enough. In the United States, most of the senior position requires an MBA or MBA preferred. I also, don't think the MPS in Technology Management is qualified to be STEM program. The "Principal Information Security Engineer" was an Information Security Project Management that combines both expertise in information security technical and management works. I had the CISSP since 2014, the certification is mainly for Management...not really technical. I am working on the PMP, I think I should be ready for the exam by the end of this month.
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    It's on their curriculum page though, all universities have mentioned MIS sort of programs to be STEM OPT eligible, I think the whole industry of these "MIS tech+business courses" spawned to only get in more international students who would not otherwise come for an MBA as that gives them no OPT options.

    Do I need to double-check this? People do say the extension works only if the immigration department grants it!

    STEM OPT Extension
    This program is eligible for a 24-month Optional Practical Training extension for degrees in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM OPT) for qualified F-1 visa students.

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    I am not sure if Technology Management is the same as "Information Technology" that is designated by US Immigration Services. But US Immigration Services does not have the title, "Technology Management" in their STEM list. URL:
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    woopsy! that's correct.

    The closest I found is information technology project management and information science which I think covers the courses tagged as "MIS", like in pace and stevens.

    And then I checked for their MPS cybersecurity risk management program which ALSO is valid STEM OPT as per the GT course page, but does not have a single direct mention but I did find information security and assurance on the list.

    Seems like ICE is very broadminded about the scope of this list, I sent it to their admissions agent guy anyway.



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    Just making sure that you are guaranteed by the school before making a commitment. But, there is a better way, we can swap citizenship; I am ready to move off the grid. See how much happier I was in New Zealand?

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    Is that actually you? Wow, I would not do this anywhere, how do you puke your guts out doing this, the jerk at the beginning when you get launched looks hurtful ..

    And what's citizenship swapping, you can just give it to me? My citizenship is Indian right now not NZ lol, you wouldn't want that, trust me.

    I am talking to a guy currently in the MPS program on Linkedin and also emailed it to their agent for clarification on the OPT ext part, however, I don't believe they would just claim that without doing that research right, that opens them for a lawsuit or something?
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    To be honest, its the same rhetoric going on since ever as far as what we Indians think about it!

    The debate around OPT, H1b going away comes out every 2-3 years from the US govt and this year being election year its all the more intense, and of course the 20% unemployment in the US can be a huge game-changer though.

    However, I'm reading a lot of people still very positive about going to the US, for many of them the education is just what matters and not staying and living in the US, so if they have to leave I guess they are just ok with it, the OPT just plays a huge role in paying back the loans.
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    No, I need New Zealand citizenship because I want to move there for the land of beautiful mountains, lakes, and beaches along with no venomous spiders, snakes, shark, and crocodile. :)
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    dont they need IT people there? there was a huge tech drive recruitment few years ago
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    Dude just apply for the Australian pr.. Are you kidding me?

    You'll be breeze right through, I'm guessing you are hitting 120 points on their 189 visa.

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