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Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by djryval, Mar 24, 2009.

  1. djryval

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    How respected are these courses from an employer's viewpoint? Considering I have a bachelor's degree from a respected institution and looking to add some additional professional development coursework, are these courses good resume builders? Are you allowed to notate on your resume the school that you went through to take the courses, even though the class is not really taught from any particular school? I've been thinking about trying a few courses to gain some additional knowledge/practice in computer technology areas that I lack experience, but I don't know how much weight they hold on a resume or how you would go about showing potential employers that you have gained new skills from these courses. Has anyone used these courses to advance their career?
  2. Woho

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    I join your quest ;)
    They really have some interesting courses but I don't get what the schools are good for. Are they "only" there to add a well known name to the certificate?
    A quick search in Google comes up with their certificate looking like this:

    The question is probably if they adapt these to each University.
    Even Columbia University must have thought about implementing the Ed2Go system one time:
    But it looks like that there are no courses through them available right now.
  3. cookderosa

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    no one has helped much, and I'm not sure I can either. Our local college offers the whole ed2go program through adult ed (non credit). I know you pay for it through our school (Black Hawk College so I'd assume you would get something that says Black Hawk. Honestly, the ed2go part seems to be lost under the college marketing.

    Who here remembers the "dr" who was teaching for ed2go, and there was a bunch of fuss about her "degree"... I think she taught photography....when confronted, they changed her bio to remove the name of the school- but she kept her title. I remember back then thinking that the credentials of the teachers might be shady if you don't check them out ahead of time. I don't know- is it a big deal? B&M adult ed teachers don't really post real bios either- so I guess if it matters to you, you might want to check that out ahead of time. I'd put it in the same category as any other adult ed class really.
  4. lawrenceq

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    I took three ed2go classes and the certificates have the school's name on it.
  5. Woho

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    Btw: The price range differs from school to school. Like this one:
    offers them mostly for only $55...
    But well, I wouldn't really want to add a Wayne Community College Certificate to my CV but if it is really for the content of the course it is a great deal.
  6. Woho

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    Even so I might fall for the trap and be talking to myself there is a new piece on my journey in the Ed2Go world.
    Madonna University is awarding Grad Credits for Ed2Go courses:
    They do the math like this: Each ed2go is 24 contact hours and a grad credit for them is 15 hours. So each course is 1 3/5 grad credits. They charge $129 for each course and $150 for each generated credit hour. So 3 credits would be 2x$129 + 3x$150 = $608.
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  9. Hille

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    Madonna University

    Hello, I called yesterday with question about the Madonna situation. The Ed2Go are transcripted as grad credits but will not be accepted into a Madonna grad program. This was one of the things I had hopes for. I am going to pursue the question further in the next week. The explanation I received was they were for teachers who needed the plus 15 for the salary enhancement. They are all transcripted as Ed credits. I was hopeful there was some psych situation available but that is currently not the case. Please comment if you received different information. Hille
  10. scaredrain

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    Nothing wrong with Wayne Community College, my academic career started out there way back in 2000, I earned my associates in internet technologies there and its one of the largest community colleges in North Carolina! I was also an adjunct instructor there for about 2 years, until I moved to online teaching.
  11. Hille

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    Ed2Go Hynosis

    Good Morning, Looking for a college that transcripts the Ed2Go class in Hypnosis as college credit. Thanks. Hille
  12. sentinel

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    I took the Write Like a Pro course though I never looked into seeing whether it qualified for undergraduate credit hours. The reason I took the course was strictly personal development therefore credit hours would have been merely a bonus.
  13. Go_Fishy

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    I just completed the beginners website design course through Oregon State. I'm a little disappointed that the certificates are self-printed, but the course was solid (albeit pretty much self study) and I learned a lot.
  14. linbored

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    fyi-I did a certificate last month through ed2go and it didn't say the name of the school. Nice little thing regardless. Before I do another one, I'll email the school it's contracted with to see whats on the print out.
  15. roxanne.deforest

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    medical field

    I am trying to get some information on getting a medical term certificate for some jobs. I live in Florida and wondering if jobs take thes with it not being an actual school or if there is one that offers it from a school i can buy online?


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