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    Hmm, I wonder if all Gen Z think like this... or it's the person writing the article thinks this way because they're a Gen Z'er... I sometimes (randomly even) think that way, except for the first point...

    1) I don't dream of labor. I will take breaks when I need and want to.
    2) I won't be dedicating my whole life to a company and will not hesitate to leave for better opportunities.
    3) I'm not trying to be rude or unprofessional by forgoing corporate jargon, I just think it's a waste of time.

    I'm a Gen Z who just entered the workforce 2 weeks ago. Here are 3 things I want my future bosses to know about managing me. (
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    I think those things apply reasonably to most of Gen Z. The corporate bargain of work hard and be rewarded is broken. The line between increased productivity and compensation diverged in the 70s and has reached a huge gulf. Minimum wage is stagnant in the US. Inflation is up. Wages are moving minimally. And student loan debt continues to become a larger and larger share of a person's total debt load, especially now that most young people are now permanently locked out of the housing market in big cities.
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