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    Hello I don't want a job in the film industry but I do want to create high quality content on my own. I have edited video for years but wouldn't mind a basic education in storytelling, cinematography, and the like. Aside from grabbing a la carte' course on things I want to learn... does anyone know of a low cost film degree or program that would prep or firm someone up a bit to direct something bigger then a YouTube video?
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    TESU has a degree in Theater Arts if you want some proof of your accomplishments in case the self-employment thing doesn't work out. The trick would be to find applicable courses.
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    Full Sail is a Nationally Accredited university, I would recommend SNHU instead. They don't specifically have one in "film" but have programs for gaming, graphics design, media arts. You can transfer in almost 3/4th or 90 credits into their degree programs using alternative credits. Go to their site: Program Finder | Degrees | SNHU - Select online, bachelors, Art & Design, Game Design & Dev, and it'll show you the list below:

    Digital Photography (BA) Online
    Game Art & Development (BA) Online
    Game Programming & Development (BS) Online

    Graphic Design & Media Arts (BA) Online
    --User Experience Design
    --Web Design
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    I don't see how a regionally accredited program that doesn't teach you what you want to know is better than a nationally accredited program that does.

    Anyway, I've always thought these looked sort of gimmicky, but maybe one of them would be focused on what you want?

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    LinkedIn Learning
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