FSU vs University of Illinois Springfield for computer science

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  1. jiffy446

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    I'm trying decide whether I should get a bachelors in computer science through FSU or University Illinois Springfield. It seems to me that FSU is a more prestigious school, but it does not offer the wide variety of computer science classes that UIS does. Which school do you think is a better choice? Finances are not an issue, I can pay for either one. Also, I might apply for grad school after, so I would like to pick the one that looks best for that so I can get into the best grad school possible. I'm not interested in any other schools, just these two. Thanks.
  2. major56

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    In name recognition only; I’d go with Florida State. On a second consideration regarding a BS in computer science; Florida State’s program is ABET accredited Accredited Programs Search, whereas the University of Illinois-Springfield isn’t ABET accredited. On the other hand, select the program offering that will best serve your academic interests and requirements.
  3. 03310151

    03310151 Active Member

    One more wrinkle would be to go with the school nearest you. You want local reputation as well. If you are in the midwest perhaps U of I would be best. In the south, well somewhere else beside FSU...jsut kidding. You get the picture.
  4. atrox79

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    I don't know which one is more prestigious, but if the ABET is important to you, FSU is the way to go. Both schools have comparable programs, which is a good thing. Downside for me for FSU was three semesters of foreign language...that might be a plus for you, but I wasn't really into it. Downside for UIS for me was the snail-paced cohort that would mean the degree would take far too long to finish. Again, that may not be a downside for you. For name recognition alone, I'd probably pick UIS only because it's part of the University of Illinois system & Urbana-Champaign is one of the top 5 schools in the U.S. for computer science, so they might look favorably on that degree should you want to apply to their grad program. Plus that would look pretty consistent on your resume for educational background, having both undergrad and grad in the same state/school system.
  5. btanne6

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    I have been considering these exact two myself. I am actually finishing up my final credentials for each school this semester (of course one is the foreign language requirement). These are the two best distance degrees that exist. I am leaning towards FSU because it is closer to home, ABET accredited, and they have a good football team. UIS has governmental accredidations for the security based degree. The UIS staff has also been more than helpful in assisting me. Good luck with any feedback from FSU. UIS is also half the price. I will be applying to both but I feel I will go with FSU if I finally meet all their requirements.
  6. Nathe

    Nathe New Member

    I am not sure why people recommend UIS springfield. Can someone explain? It has so few classes and it is expensive. Dakota state seems like a far better program.
  7. dlcurious

    dlcurious Member

    Around $310 a credit hour for graduate, online, out of state students is too expensive? Also, every class you need to complete the degree is available online, maybe not every semester, but it's there. For my program (MIS), they were AACSB accredited vs. the ACBSP accreditation that DSU holds, which is better. That's why I recommend them for MS degrees vs. DSU. I'd love to do a doctorate through DSU, however.
  8. perrymk

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    If you attend FSU I can rent you a room. Kidding! But I do live 30 minutes from campus.

    School name recognition is important, and I believe FSU is pretty well known even if much of that reputation is for football. Plus, when you're not actually working (lunch, cofee breaks, etc.) co-workers will want to discuss FSU football with you. It makes a good intro to get to know people you work with. This is not a bad thing.
  9. DLer

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    FSU Computer Science - NSTISSC 4011 INFOSEC Professionals Certificate

    C-SAIT > Home
  10. Nathe

    Nathe New Member

    Where do you find that.. after adding in all the fees and stuff it looks a lot more like $400 for undergrad.
  11. atrox79

    atrox79 New Member

    UIS has a solid program for Computer Science. They have most of the normal coursework you would expect to cover in a CS undergrad degree. They seem to lack a course on computer theory like most programs, but if it's offered, it could always be taken as an elective. There is also only a requirement for one calculus course, where most programs require calculus 1 & 2 (not business calculus) and there is no required course for linear algebra, which is a standard requirement for most CS programs.
  12. ryoder

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    I was almost enrolled in FSU's computer science degree two years ago and chickened out due to my pre-studying for discrete math. Don't chicken out like I did.

    About the language requirement. You should be able to self-study spanish and take the CLEP test to get up to 12 credits of spanish.
    FSU Admissions | Credit | CLEP Credit
    You can CLEP out of gen eds too.

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