From Navy to Health Care Administrator?

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  1. sideman

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    My son is almost two years into his four year hitch and he's considering getting a masters in health care administration after he gets out. I need opinions on ROI, viability for employment, etc. Also, would it be better to get an MBA with a concentration in HCA? Or just the MBA to keep more options open (should he change his mind). Any suggestions would be appreciated.
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    Is your son currently working in healthcare administration (HCA) while in the Navy? If so, and he desires to continue in the HCA field after the Navy, then a MHA degree would be appropriate, since he will have the professional experience to backup the degree. (Combination of professional experience and related degree helps in a successful career).

    If he is not currently in the HCA field in the Navy, then why the interest in an MHA? Does he plan to get into HCA after the Navy? He may want to wait on the MHA degree until he actually works in the HCA field and determines that he likes it. (Otherwise he may end up with the MHA degree and then decide he doesn’t like the HCA field. Then he’s stuck with a specialty graduate degree in a field he doesn’t even like or decides not to pursue.)

    It might be better to play it safe and just pursue a more general MBA that would support any career field your son decides on after the Navy.

    Just my thoughts.
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    I did exactly what your son is trying to do. I was a hospital corpsman in the Navy and I am currently an administrator in a health system in Connecticut.

    I have an MBA with a concentration in healthcare management. I also have certifications from two relevant healthcare professional organizations. Your son should look into the ACHE, MGMA and HIMSS. All are appropriate for healthcare administrators and easily found on google.

    Good Luck.
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    A friend and I have been looking into the Navy's HSCP program as a path into Healthcare Administration. Basically, the Navy pays you as a E-6 (with a promotion to E-7 if you meet some academic goals along the way) while you attend graduate school to earn your MBA with a healthcare administration focus. After graduation, you are promoted to O-2 and serve an active duty commitment of 3 years as a Naval healthcare administrator. After your active duty commitment is up, you're well positioned to seek employment as a civilian, since you have both the education and practical experience. Of course, it would mean extending your son's hitch, but it is one way to get where he wants to go. Here is the URL I found for the program:

    Best of luck to your son!
  5. sideman

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    Thank you all for your responses.
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    If your son is sure that he wants to work in the healthcare sector, then he may enjoy the coursework of an MHA degree more than a general MBA. That being said, an MBA with concentration in Healthcare Administration may also be a good option. As far as details about the profession are concerned, I find the information on the website of the Department of Labor pretty useful. You’ll find answers to most of your questions on this website.

    Coming back to the discussion about degree programs, I’d like to recommend the Master’s in Healthcare Administration at Stevens-Henager College. It’s a well-structured program and can be completed online in 15 months!

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