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    Yeah, I'm getting up to that age. :eek13:

    Usually the listed age for this discount is either 62 or 65. Some schools also limit the hours to 6 credits per semester.

    HOWEVER - I just found one college - New Mexico Junior College - that states (took some searching) in their student handbook, that people 55 and older get free tuition. No limit of credit hours taken listed in the handbook. The fees still have to be paid - that's a whopping $40 per credit. :laughing: In comparison, a typical Massachusetts community college tuition is $25 per credit - with an additional $135 fee per credit. So you can see just how far "free tuition" gets you here. :puppy_dog_eyes:

    I still need to call NM Junior College to make sure that the exams don't have to be taken on campus (my traveling expenses would seriously put a dent in any savings, lol).

    Anyone else find colleges with awesome senior discounts/freebies?

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  3. threedogs

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    Thanks, Michael.

    I want to keep this going, as I'm sure that many would be interested. Doing more searches as my time permits, & will post for everyone when I can.
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    Yes, it's a good idea. I'm sure many are like me -- needing all the help they can get. :)
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    Wow - what a great find! So far, I can't find any online classes that have a senior discount/waiver, but I can't look at all the links right now. I'll tell you, though - seeing this makes me want to move to SF.
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    I believe all the Cal State Schools have the Over 60 program. I was told it is on a space available basis and not available for extension or DL courses (by CSUSB)
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    I agree with Ian. My understanding is that the over-60 program is system-wide in the California State University. Some campuses openly advertise it like SFSU does, while others kind of try to hide it in their catalog small print and don't mention it prominently on their websites. (I suspect that admissions people some places won't know about it either and actually getting in might require some perserverence.)

    The upside is that it offers people 60 and above what is essentially free tuition. The downside is that participants in the over-60 program register last, after all the regular students, so that many/most class sections will already be closed.

    The current CSU financial problems only makes that worse, since all the CSU campuses are trying to cut costs and are reducing the number of class sections that they offer. So competition to get a seat in some high-demand classes can be intense. Many regular students find themselves having to get their calculus or chemistry at a community college and then transfer it in.

    To tell the truth, I'm kind of surprised that the CSU system hasn't terminated the over-60 program, but I guess that since it only fills up a few empty seats in classes that weren't fully subscribed anyway, it doesn't actually cost the state anything.

    There's another attractive option for geezers at SFSU as well. I don't know if this one is system-wide or not. (It probably is.) People over 50 years old (not 60) are allowed to sit in on classes for a nominal fee, on a space-available basis, as an auditor without earning credit. (The professor's approval is required.) That's kind of attractive too, for those interested in continuing education who don't really need additional degrees or credits. It applies to graduate courses and everything. People under 50 can do it too, and they have the option to earn credit, but they have to pay a much-higher extension fee. I guess that over 50's but under-60's who want to earn credit still have to pay the higher fees as well.

    Like Ian says, I don't think that any of this stuff applies to DL or extension classes, which have their own policies. It appears to be a totally B&M thing.
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