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Discussion in 'Online & DL Teaching' started by graymatter, Apr 12, 2012.

  1. graymatter

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    I've been adjuncting for almost 5 years. I'd like to get into course development.

    So I contacted one of the schools that I adjunct (online) for and noted that there are courses offered in the on-campus program that are not offered online. (Seemed like a good way to start). They acknowledged that there remain a few electives that could/should be developed for online delivery and that if I'm interested, I can send them some ideas for syllabus and course materials.

    I have some ideas for the courses in question - but online courses are very content-driven and need strong texts. Is it feasible for me to contact publishers to ask for "instructor copies" to review? I have "instructor copies" that were sent to me for courses that I do facilitate so I know that they exist.

    I have access to an amazing library - so that's an option. But I'd prefer to have a book in-hand.

    What do you all think?
  2. Randell1234

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    While I like books I also like courses that are based on Journal articles. This saves money on books and can be more direct to what you want to teach. Perhaps use some articles with an optional text for additional reading?
  3. cdhale

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    Publishers tend to send me any text I request. I was considering a particular course a year or two ago (I ended up not taking it), and asked my publisher reps to send me copies of various books on the topic. They never asked what I wanted them for, they just sent them.

    So I suspect that if you contact your book reps, tell them that the school is asking you to design some online courses for them, they will send you any book you want.
  4. AdjunctInstructor

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    Need course developer, independent contractor for 5-7l undergraduate course revision

    I am tasked with finding a reputable and experienced course developer for 5-7 undergraduate courses that need to be upgraded/revised/enhanced. Please send me an email/PM and I will explain more and if you are interested/qualified I will give you the contact information. We prefer contracting a Ed.S, Ph.D., Ed.D., however, an M.Ed. holder with proven experience would be acceptable.
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  5. cookderosa

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    Yes, I do this for every text I get. (not for me as a student, for me as the teacher)
    You'll have to contact your dept coordinator and have them mailed to him/her. All the biggies allow you to set up an online account with your profile, school addy, and the courses you teach or are developing. The box will come to your dept chair/coordinator and he/she simply calls you when it arrives. Easy-peasy. From that point, you simply request instructor copies and they'll be mailed out. BEST PART is you never have to deal with sales reps lol.
  6. Shawn Ambrose

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    I tried sending you a PM - I might be interested.


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