Free Post-Graduate Diploma-Malariology: African College of Health

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    You would never get an African diploma recognized as what it was awarded as in Europe, unless it was awarded from South Africa.
    Diplomas from Guinée, Burkina Faso etc. are very often rejected for even evaluating them because it's so difficult to assess the level of the diploma because there is too little information and Africa is still far behind Europe and the US in digitalization of their course content, so that brings even more difficulties to assess the courses.
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    Citation needed, to put it mildly.
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    I’ll delve farther... I’ve reviewed multiple African diplomas from countries that weren’t S. Africa. Outside of the usual foreign degree requirement of having an evaluation performed, never had an issue with them. Transferred credit towards a regionally accredited school and even used them for faculty qualifications that have withstood RA review, all without issue.

    Are there diploma mills in Africa? Sure. They also exist throughout North America and Europe and just about every where else.

    ...well, maybe not Antarctica. Apparently those penguins run a tight operation.
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    Many institutions use Google Classroom. To the extent there's an issue here, it's what the approach to proctoring is, not the system used for response collection. But that's hardly unique to this institution.
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    Well, I dunno... :)
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    There’s a Reddit thread talking about that site. Can’t believe the amount of work someone put into it. Some WTF Easter Eggs if look around.
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