Free for credit (via ACE) Security Related Courses for Military and Fed employees

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    Just spreading the word.............

    The Defense Security Service (DSS), Center for Development of Security
    Excellence (CDSE), offers a variety of free online advanced and graduate
    level security-related courses to US Government employees and Military
    Service Members. The American Council on Education (ACE) college credit
    recommendations allow students who complete these CDSE courses to transfer
    credit towards completion of a Bachelor's or Master's degree at many
    colleges and universities. No fee or tuition is charged for CDSE courses;
    however, some courses require students to obtain textbooks. Registration is
    now open for Spring Semester online classes that begin on January 5, 2015!

    Each course is a semester long and requires a level of effort similar to a
    three semester-hour graduate course. This includes reading, research and
    writing assignments and participation in online learning activities. The
    following courses are available during the Spring Semester (January 5 to
    April 24, 2014).

    . (ED 201) Writing and Communication Skills for Security Professionals

    . (ED 501) Security as an Integral Part of DoD Programs

    . (ED 503) Constitutional Law and its Application to DoD Security

    . (ED 504) Understanding Adversaries and Threats to the United States
    and the DoD

    . (ED 505) Budgeting and Financial Management for Security Programs

    . (ED 507) Managing a DoD Installation Security Program

    . (ED 509) Assessment and Evaluation of DoD Security Programs

    . (ED 511) Leadership in DoD Security

    . (ED 512) Effective Communication in DoD Security

    . (ED 513) Security in the DoD Acquisition Process

    . (ED 514) Cybersecurity and Oversight of Information System Security

    . (ED 603) Risk Management Project and Advanced Studies (Note: ED 603
    has not been reviewed by ACE so does not currently have ACE college credit

    Course descriptions and registration information can be found at:
    DSS / CDSE / Education Courses

    Students may earn an Education Certificate by completing four courses in an
    area of concentration. Information about CDSE Education Certificates is
    found at: DSS / CDSE / Education Certificates

    An overview of the CDSE Education Program can be found at:
    DSS / CDSE / Education

    Additional undergraduate and other courses can be found at:
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    Interesting. I just signed up for ED 501.

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