Free Diploma of Diploma of Higher Education in Rehabilitation [60 ECTS cr]

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    1. The Diploma of Higher Education is 60 credits = 4 modules, 10-20 credits each. It is also possible to choose only one, two or three modules.
    2. Enrolment period: 15 May – 16 August 2020
    3. Price: These studies are free of charge
    4. After you have completed the diploma training (all 60 ECTS credits) you are awarded the Diploma of Higher Education.
    5. Degree from: South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences (XAMK)
    6. 60 ECTS credits, the duration of studies is from one and a half years to two year
    7. can be accepted as part of a selected, international degree program (for example Degree Programmes in Health Care and Social Services), thus shortening the study time in Finland

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    Thanks a lot for posting this!!! ;)
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