"Fort Young University," another "Liberian" entity

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  1. galanga

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    Fort Young University on its site says "The Education Ministry of Liberia accredits Fort Young University, therefore FYU degrees can be evaluated as equivalent to US Regionally Accredited degrees."

    It's another member of the Saint Regis group. Some of the site's links still point to Saint Regis pages by mistake [you're welcome]!

    Somebody's been busy this Thanksgiving!

  2. oxpecker

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  3. galanga

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    off to the glue factory

    The operators of goatbag Fort Young University have dispatched it to the glue factory for demolition. The site http://www.e-graduate.org is now labeled "Distance Degree Central" with the cheery announcement "coming soon!"

    The web page header still contains the encouraging (but slightly mis-pasted) text "f you have the skill set... If you have the experience... If you have the knowledge... If you have the good judgment of a college graduate... and can demonstrate this through our rigorous academic assessment, you may qualify for a degree!"

    The web page still has "Fort Young University" shown as its title.

    (You're welcome.)

  4. mineralhh

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    I think the references to Robertstown University in the source code are eben more amusing :)
  5. uncle janko

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    I think the initials pretty much say it all.

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