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    Has anyone had any experience with the online classes at Fort Hays State University? I had asked specifically about their School Psychology program in another thread, but I would be happy to hear from anyone who has taken any classes there. Did you have any problems with the classes or the administration? Did things go smoothly or were there headaches? I think that their program might be the best choice for me because the class titles look interesting and the cost is low, but I'm hesitating because I haven't been able to find out very much information by contacting the school. I would love to hear any opinions of the school!
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    I completed my undergrad at FHSU (Info Networking and Telecoms). The vast majority of the courses were great with good content and good instructors. A few were bad and the physics lab was a nightmare (the Prof was a complete jackass), but overall the courses were good. I took a couple of psych courses and both were very good (social psych was one of my favourite courses). It's a good school with a good rep and affordable education.

    The biggest downfall that I saw was that I took the bulk of my major courses up front and the gen eds in my 3rd and 4th year - should be the other way around...

    Any specific questions, I'd be happy to answer them; feel free to pm me if need be.
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    Thank you! That's exactly the type of information I was looking for.

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