Former Students Sue Defunct Warren National U. (Kennedy-Western)

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  1. Anthony Pina

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    More than 60 former students are suing the now-defunct Warren National University, saying it misled them about its accreditation status.

    Warren National — better known under its previous name, Kennedy Western — went belly up in March after a failed accreditation bid. For years it had been one of the most prominent unaccredited distance-education institutions in the country.

    The 67 students who are suing Warren National say the university told them that it would be accredited soon or that accreditation didn’t matter, according to the Associated Press.

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  2. CalDog

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    Longer AP story here. The lawsuit apparently claims that "Warren National's owners in California and Texas averaged $25 million to $30 million in tuition revenue each year" by "engaging in predatory tactics, lies and omissions."
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  3. Boy this kind of incidence really shattered our confidence and force us to think twice before taking any distant learning course.

    Government should see this matter strictly and punish the culprit.
  4. John Bear

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    Custom-Writing: "...force us to think twice before taking any distant learning course."

    John: That's a good number of thinks.
    Think One to make sure the school is properly and meaningfully recognized.
    Think Two to determine as best you can if the program being considered will meet your current and predictable future needs.

    John Bear
    Bears Guide to Earning Degrees
    by Distance Learning
  5. edowave

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    How about "Think before pay someone to write your dissertation and then claim it is your own work?"
  6. startover

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    I think I'm not following...

    but I feel fortunate to have not succombed to KW's aggressive marketing of their programs to me.
  7. Chip

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    The reason you're not following the posts is that custom-writing is actually a shill (probably someone working in India for 50 cents per posting) for some paid writing (aka, we'll help you cheat by writing your dissertation for you) service.

    As you can tell, the person posting is barely literate and clearly doesn't have anything meaningful to contribute, most likely because they know nothing about distance learning.

    We conveniently removed the links to their sites.

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