Forensic Linguistics

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    Forensic Linguistics!!!

    A rare degree field overall, but just our luck- there are some that can be completed online!

    Note: I will edit this and add the costs later. None of these programs are cheap, but neither are they outrageously expensive.

    Alliant International University
    Advanced Practice Certificate in Forensic Linguistics

    This certificate can be rolled over into a concentration for their Master's in Forensic Behavioral Science or their Master's in Forensic Leadership Administration.

    California University of Pennsylvania
    MA in Criminal Justice Studies: Forensic Linguistics

    I have also found 2 UK Forensic Linguistics degrees that third party websites describe as distance or online in modality, but have yet to find explicit confirmation on the schools websites, themselves. I will come back with an update when I can verify the information.
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    For those of you who may be worried about me, I'm happy to report that I have no interest at all in any of these programs.

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    I was thinking this was something else. But it still sounds interesting anyway.
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