For those who have taken courses at Univ of Maryland University College

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    Pls post your experiences as to the quality of education imparted , the faulty and your experience. I am planning to do my MS in IT and need to be sure that the money spent is worth it. Thanks.
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    For those who have taken courses at Univ of Maryland - University College


    I completed a bachelor of science degree with UMUC in 1992 when on was on active duty in the Navy. I was in Stuttgart, Germany at HQ, EUCOM so the choices of programs was limited. I graduated with a BS in management studies with a lot of courses economics.

    The courses and instructors were good. However, I had the same instructor for several classes. For example, I took six economic classes and had the same instructor for all classes. He was good but I might have gained more if I had different instructors. Don't know about that. Finally, alll my classes were via the more traditional brick and mortar classes.

    I have since completed a masters degree with the University of Phoenix online.

  3. stock

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    Thanks Fred !! UMUC has the MS in IT programme that I am looking for ( wireless communication stream ). I have not been able to find out a similar programme anywhere else.
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    Touro has MSITM.. not sure if that matches your requirements.

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