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    In my opinion, I think this is marketing. Medicals schools have never had a policy of requiring certain majors for entry. A student's major doesn't matter as long as they have all the required prerequisite courses, good grades, and score well on the MCAT.
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    So 8 slots (correction, up to 8 slots) up for grabs if:
    (1) Other eligibility requirements include being a humanities major (which includes classes like Medical Humanities Freshman Writing)
    (2) completing the standard set of required pre-med science classes (let's not pretend that's a small thing)
    (3) earning a minimum GPA of 3.7 (I think this requirement is probably the tightest filter to pass through, people who are good at science generally aren't good at/interested in humanities)
    (4) and scoring a minimum MCAT score of 510 (dang. Plenty of science majors couldn't do that)

    So, I don't read this as lowering any kind of barriers, I think it instead reads like a competition for a specific category of applicant. Rice Undergrad admission rate is 16% on wikipedia- so, I'm probably going to agree with Filmmaker, this is marketing. Truth is, everyone who meets the above criteria (minus humanities major) is already a very strong and competitive applicant - no reason to limit your options to STAYING at Rice if you fit the criteria.
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    And, humanities majors already have higher acceptance rates than biology majors.
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