For-Profit Schools: They Get IT

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    This is an interesting article from Campus Technology on how for-profits are taking advantage of IT, more so than non-profit schools.

    “Traditional colleges may think they have nothing to learn from for-profits, but when it comes to advanced use of technology, look no further”.

    For-Profit Schools: They Get IT -- Campus Technology
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    Well, right off the top we can say, Duh. Traditional schools are...traditional. As in they already have a physical campus with a useful, and old, infrastructure that works for what they do. So what if an online school has a huge IT infrastructure? That means absolutely nothing to the students other than access to classes. Does UofP with its large IT infrastructure provide a better IT education than any traditional campus? Nope. I'm betting the Apollo group has bigger server farms and network technology than Carnegie Mellon, but which one are you going to if your interest is Computer Science? Carnegie Mellon of course, the Apollo IT infrastructure is there for business needs.

    Online schools have to have huge IT infrastructure and leverage social media and web 2.0 stuff just to compete. It does not mean anything more than they have a larger IT budget than B&M campuses.

    I understand that with all the bad publicity for-profits are getting lately they need something. But this is a misdirection, and a huge reach.

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