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  1. manny00

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    Does anyone know if FMU is accredited? I checked their web sight at www.fmu.edu and found nothing concerning accreditation.
  2. Tom Head

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    FMU seems to be accredited by ACICS, a national accrediting body recognized by the U.S. Department of Education and the Council on Higher Education Accreditation; ACICS accreditation isn't as widely useful as regional accreditation, but it is legitimate.

    I hope this helps!

  3. Tom

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    I am a former student of FMU. You may want to inquiry about if FMU still has an articulation agreement with Nova, Barry or any other Regionally Accredited Schools.

    Overall, the school is as good or better then some of the schools mentioned in this forum.
  4. dawnlanore

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    articulation degree

    what is an articulation degree ?
  5. dawnlanore

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    sorry, I meant "agreement", not degree
  6. An "articulation agreement" usually means an agreement reached by two or more schools so that students who have taken courses or gotten a degree from one school can easily take further courses or enter into another degree program at another school.

    See http://www.pvcc.cc.va.us/04/pv04701.htm for one between Piedmont Virginia Community College and Saint Leo University -- note that the intent is "to facilitate a seamless transition from the Piedmont associate program to the Saint Leo baccalaureate programs."

    In many states, community colleges have articulation agreements with the state universities so that community college grads can enter the universities as juniors.
  7. dawnlanore

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    thank you
  8. Guest

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    And that may well be true. National accreditation is still recognized accreditation and means that standards have been met to determine programmatic legitimacy, etc (as per USDoE paragraph about what recognized accreditation is). There may well be nationally accredited schools which exceed RA schools for quality. I have looked at DETC schools a few years ago (do not remember names for certain) and thought that some of the requirements seemed at least if not more stringent than RA counterparts. As far as recognzied accreditation goes RA has the amrket cornered in terms of utility but nationally accredited schools still meet recognized standards as accepted by bothe the US DoE & CHEA (in the cases of DETC, TRACS, AABC, ATS, etc).

  9. DaveHayden

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    As a side note Georgetown University use to have an articulation agreement with 3 or 4 community colleges. Is anyone aware of any similiar agreements between Ivy League schools and community colleges?
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    In my limited experience, NA is somewhat lacking. Of course it is all up to the student with regards of what you learn, but some of the classes and tests (no, they are not open book) doesn't reallly challenge a student to go all out in studying. Yes, this is only my personal experience, and I am sure they vary, but, again, in my experience, it is somewhat less rigorous than the state universities I have attended. Of course, maybe my age and maturity have something to do with that.

  11. BillDayson

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    While it isn't an ivy league university, the University of California is pretty decent. It has an elaborate set of articulation agreements with every community college in the state. The agreements set out precisely which community college classes are deemed equivalent to which lower-division UC classes.

  12. BillDayson

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    Re: Re: Florida Metropolitan University

    I find it interesting that ACICS began its life as an accreditor of business schools. But more recently it seems to have branched out to engineering schools as well:

    International Technological University, Santa Clara CA http://www.itu.edu

    Northwestern Polytechnic University, Fremont CA http://www.npu.edu
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    Re: Re: Re: Florida Metropolitan University

    Actually both ITU and NPU have business programs. They both tried to apply for regional accreditation at some point. But since majority of their faculty are part-time, so it is hard for them to meet WASC's requirement. Finally they gave up and went for ACICS accreditation.
  14. Sometimes people worry about how their unaccredited undergraduate degrees will be considered by graduate school admissions staff. So I was amused this week to see that the "Senior Admissions Representative" responsible for MBA admissions at FMU has both his Bachelor's and Master's degrees from Harrington University, London.

    LOL. :D
  15. Jannine

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    FMU and Argosy University

    Wish I or my daughter had had the information this site is providing two years ago. My daughter just recieved her undergraduated degree from FMU. She graduated with a 4.0. The program of study was demanding and as rigorous as any that I or any member of our family have taken at RA schools. She entered during her junior year. FMU according to everything I have found,is a nationally accredicated school! Accreditation is ACICS. However, it means very little when you attempt to apply to RA schools to continue for a graduate degree. She has been told more than once that the degree she holds is useless. Some schools will not even mail out application forms to her once they hear where she graduated from. Other places have suggested she start over! She, like many of you, works full time and the thought of starting all over again is depressing. Besides she is now deeply indebt and the good paying job she had thought she would get is even more out of reach. She did apply to the Tampa campus of Springfield College and was told to enroll as a Senior, take certain courses and they would consider her for thier masters program in human services. She is aiming for a masters in forensic psychology. She is looking into Argosy( I think that is the correct spelling) University. This is why I am posting I know nothing about Argosy University! Is this another FMU only on a master level? She said that it is RA(North Centeral Association...) but I do not know if this covers the Tampa(FL) campus or if the psychology department she hopes to enter is recognized by APA or other such groups? I have found very little on the net and I am hoping that one of you may know something that will help her make a decission that will led not only to a valid degree but repair her damanged self esteem. thanks
  16. Homer

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  17. Tom

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    Re: FMU and Argosy University

    You may want to inquiry about FMU's articulation agreement with other RA schools within the area such as Nova, Barry and others.

    I was accepted into Nova’s Master of Public Administration without any problems at all in which I graduated with honors.

    Most of your problems will surface from State Universities such as the FIU, U of F etc. Presently, I am attending Argosy University DBA/Management. Argosy is Regionally accredited like any other RA school. I really like the program and I am looking forward toward my first Intersession Meeting this upcoming fall. As far as the APA accreditation, you need to contact Argosy for verification. I know that certain campuses do carry the APA accreditation for their PSY. Programs.

    Hope this helps.
  18. Bill Highsmith

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    Re: FMU and Argosy University

    You might find this post (click here) useful. While it is not all that encouraging, it does show a few Florida schools that will consider a non-RA undergraduate degree provisionally. Note that the topic is about the acceptance of DETC schools in Florida colleges. However, the issue is the same; none of the schools differentiated between unaccredited and nationally accredited schools with respect to graduate admissions. This could save you some leg work. The information is spread over three posts because of the amount of information. Good luck.
  19. Jannine

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    Thank You for the information

    Thank you Homer, Tom and Bill. I'm passing on the information that you gave me, Bill. I hope that my daughter will be able to apply this information and find some place that will take her credits. She is now looking at National Lewis University which has a campus in Tampa. This school is RA but I do not know if that covers the Tampa Campus. If the school is RA outside of the Florida area( I believe it is the North Centeral Region) does the RA status cover its Florida campus??? Any one know?? I am learning a lot from this site and the members. Glad I found all of you. I'll keep you posted about my daughter, her progress or lack of. Thanks again for the information.
  20. Tom

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    You ought to contact NCA to determine if National Lewis University RA extends down to the Campus in Florida. I requested this same information from them in writing when I was inquiring about Argosy.

    Just like Argosy, Walden, NSU, Touro, Union, etc., they all have branch campuses extending in other states and are covered under the same Regional Accredited Umbrella.

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