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Discussion in 'Business and MBA degrees' started by accountingbozo, Feb 12, 2022.

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    Hello all. My career hours are such that I cannot reasonably participate in a program with a cohort structure OR in a flat rate program (where I would waste a lot of money). I'm looking or a program that will allow me to take courses on an ala carte basis. The order of the courses can be dictated. That is fine. But I need breaks.

    Sometimes I have significant time to devote to study (work is slow) while at other times of the year I work seven days a week.

    I am not looking for "easy" or "fast". In some ways, you could say I'm looking for "slow". I am only interested in regionally accredited programs with a separate business accreditation. Schools that are candidates for a separate accreditation (but don't yet have graduates of the program) might work too.

    Thank you for your help and please feel free to include links if something close to my exact question has been posted previously.
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    Thanks Datby98. I was hoping to avoid schools that have an "Internet only" reputation. But the FlexPath does sound like what I'm looking for in a lot of ways...think I'll keep looking a bit longer :). Maybe Capella isn't the only one??

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