FIU one FREE program and the Cyber Certificate now 80% off.

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  1. Life Long Learning

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    FIU is very focused on Latin America (cool and unique) they had many students from other nations from the South also.

    Last week I participated below from the same FIU school for the first time, it was FREE and online. FIU is the 2nd largest Florida University and growing.

    2020 5th Annual The Hemispheric Security Conference (HSC)

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    I chose you because you have great presentation skills in the team. I like the fact that you could elaborate on why the team chose the answers. You had done an outstanding job to represent the team. :emoji_clap:
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  3. Neuhaus

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    All education is useless if you just check the boxes and get the paper. You might fool some people at first. But if you're lazy enough to gundeck a certificate program you're also highly likely to be lazy enough to do that sort of thing at work as well.

    As for no one finding Harvard online courses credible, I think you're going to need to cite some source for that sort of absurd statement.
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  4. Neuhaus

    Neuhaus Well-Known Member

    As the holder of an eCornell certificate, I can shed more light over this. For starters, eCornell is a separate legal entity from Cornell University. It was founded by Cornell staff and faculty and funded by Cornell, but it's actually a different company altogether now. If you are an employee of eCornell, you're not an employee of Cornell.

    The certificate bears an eCornell logo at the bottom, near where the signatures appear on typical diplomas. At the top, however, it is clearly awarded from "Cornell University" with some of the certificates also bearing the name of a college or school within the university. So my HR certificate says both Cornell University and School of Industrial and Labor Relations. That it also bears an eCornell logo at the bottom bears no relevance and does not appear to diminish it in the eyes of, I can only speak for the ILR program in the eyes of HR folks, potential employers. The ILR Certificate in HR is pretty widely regarded as a respected credential, though not a replacement for a degree or a certification, and that little eCornell logo doesn't change anyone's mind because, honestly, who would see it? The certificate appears on my resume and is otherwise on my office (oh I miss my office...) wall next to my other diplomas. You can order for $10 a printed copy of the cert if you want it printed on decent paper from a high quality printer. But the bottom line of that certificate is not something most employers will ever look at to judge.

    It is not a "cheapened" name. If anything, it's just an honest statement that you weren't on campus and you didn't graduate from a degree program. You have a non-credit certificate. I cannot speak to how well the hotel and real estate certificates play. But, in my case, since my undergrad was not in HR it filled a necessary gap. And in New York State, it's a very common credential to see on an HR person's wall.

    You're all welcome to not enroll in any program you wish, but your casual mudslinging at these programs (and the schools that offer them) is rather unwarranted.
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  5. Life Long Learning

    Life Long Learning Active Member


    I did not know of the word "gundeck" as you used it. I googled it. I learn something new every day. Thank you for the education.
  6. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    What I was trying to say is... Udemy courses don't really have any assignment, exams or quizzes. They give you a certificate based on just watching videos.
    Coursera and Edx courses do have those. I believe Coursera, Edx certificates prove a lot more than Udemy certificates. Although, there are better courses on Udemy.

    As for 'Harvard Online' stuffs being not credible, well I think elder people and employers generally don't like something that explicitly says 'online education'. They don't believe online education has the same value and credibility as in-class, traditional education. This view will never change easily... maybe in 2040, we will have different point of views given that many of millennial online degree students prove to become as successful as traditional offline degree students.

    But I agree that presenting online education certificates is still much better than having nothing on resume. or if you're already a successful person, then it doesn't really matter where you get your degrees from. I see some hollywood actresses get online degrees thesedays... but who cares where they get their degrees from? they're already millionaires.
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  7. sideman

    sideman Active Member

    1st Paragraph: I've taken Coursera and Udemy courses. I agree that Udemy courses have a more practical application.

    2nd Paragraph: Elder people? Who are these elder people? Most elder people in our society---unless they're the owner, partner or so deeply entrenched in the company that no one can push them out---are just hoping they can support themselves on their paltry savings in a 401k or 403b and/or social security after they age out of said job. Sure I know some still in the workforce that continue to rest on their laurels from State U from years ago, but let's face it, elders have no stronghold on the unenlightened, and aren't the only ones blissfully ignorant of current online education in America. It really doesn't matter what age you are--25, 45 or 95, if you don't continue to stay abreast of changes in your field, technology will pass you by or something else happens we have yet to hear of. This is why you must continue to be a lifelong learner per the mentioned coursework in this thread by any means practical. Your statement might've held some water pre-Covid. Let's see what happens now, when even law schools must set aside their archaic beliefs that law can only be learned in class, now that their forced to teach the Socratic method online and make it work because of an unpredictable virus. Hopefully, this will enlighten all those elderly minded people regardless of age.

    3rd Paragraph: As a serial entrepreneur I know what it's like to be worth a million on paper. I also know what it's like to lose a million or more on paper. And in this economic climate you could've been a millionaire at the start of the year and now on the verge of losing it all. Money is hard to come by and easily goes. So what's that old saying...."You'd better be kind to the people you pass on your way to the top because you might meet them again on the way down". So learn all you can, while you can. It's the only thing no one can take from you.
  8. Neuhaus

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    Some Navyisms stick with me. That's one of the few that has withstood the test of time. I heard it in boot camp where an Engineman was telling us why you shouldn't gundeck a log book and used a (likely fictional) account of a guy who was killed when some pressure valve he hadn't actually been checking exploded when he finally decided to check it.

    Though after my third rewatch of The Wire I largely switched to "juking the stats" where that can be substituted.

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    It does say VIRTUAL on the certificate.

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  10. nomaduser

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    lol I got my certificate too.
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  11. Life Long Learning

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    I also received mine also. I think it looks better printed on white paper as it has color in it.

    When will we get our UN Certificate? I call this a Two for One deal.:)
  12. Life Long Learning

    Life Long Learning Active Member


    Florida International University (FIU) is “reissuing” all the Executive Certificate in Cybersecurity Leadership and Strategy “without” the word “Virtual” on them. I sent them this link this morning. FIU liked the feedback on this discussion and FIU is super adaptive and responsive FIU is amazing!

    I will attend all four Florida International University (FIU) Jack D. Gordon Institute for Public Policy Executive Education Certificate programs now!
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  13. Life Long Learning

    Life Long Learning Active Member

    I just received the updated Certificate.

    Attached Files:

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  14. TEKMAN

    TEKMAN Semper Fi!

    Got mine too.

    Dear participants,

    It has been called to our attention that there is some dissatisfaction with the term “virtual” on your certificate.

    We value your input and apologize for this. Your commitment and dedication to the course was appreciated and we did not imagine that it would be an issue. While we had intended to highlight the fact that it was our first time conducting the program in a virtual setting, we are aware of the possible implications and have decided to update the certificate.

    Please see attached your new certificate. Thank you once again for your participation and we hope you join us for our upcoming programs.

    Thank you and best regards.

  15. innen_oda

    innen_oda New Member

    I got this email too. Wow. I'm pretty impressed at their responsiveness.

    I live on an Eastern European salary and so don't have the cash for all four programmes, but I will definitely be attending those I can afford.

    Genuinely, I am thoroughly impressed at FIU's response. The university I worked for would've been years in process of endless panel discussions and bureaucracy before they made a one-word change like this.

    In addition to the high quality of the Cybersecurity course itself, this has me thinking FIU would be a great place to be a student.
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  16. Life Long Learning

    Life Long Learning Active Member


    I 100% agree with everything you said. 99% of American universities are so reactive to the point of paralyzing they are part of the problem. That's why I am now a huge fan of FIU.
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  17. innen_oda

    innen_oda New Member

    A month ago they weren't even on my radar and now here I am, 2am on a weeknight, researching their degree programmes.
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  18. Life Long Learning

    Life Long Learning Active Member

    FIU is a new huge university now. I do not know if the whole university is so proactive. That being said they have been an up and coming public American university in a very short time.
  19. nomaduser

    nomaduser Active Member

    I think FIU has great value overall. Their tuition is really low. In-state tuition is about $18,954 USD per semester. The school is 6th largest in the US... and their facilities look really modern. Their ranking is not very high... they rank 350th among 650 institutions in US.
    If I could go back in time, I would choose to become an undergrad at FIU.
  20. innen_oda

    innen_oda New Member

    Double an annual salary here, so maybe if I diet and live in a tent for eight years, I can save up the cash no problem.

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