First Four Regionals, Then DETC

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  1. russ

    russ New Member

    It was interesting that Western Governor's University (WGU) which had been accredited by four different regional accreditation bodies chose to obtain DETC accreditation as well. Maybe this school was just trying to cover all the bases?

    I have not heard anything about why they felt this additional step was necessary but would be interested in learning from anyone who may know.

  2. Myoptimism

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    They received DETC accreditation first, presumably as a stop-gap measure until they could receive regional accreditation.
    From the WGU website...
    emphasis added

    The real question is whether they will continue their DETC accreditation, or whether they will consider it redundantly useless and let it lapse now that they have RA.

  3. russ

    russ New Member

    Thanks, Tony. I went to the link and you are correct that DETC came first and regional last. Since I assume there is a cost for all of these accreditations in labor and fees, and assuming that regional accreditation is actually superior to DETC (which is debatable), they may give up their DETC accreditation in favor of the four RA accreditations.
  4. Lerner

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    I always liked the RA and NA accreditation of WGU.

    The main reason is that it can bridge the DETC and RA.

    A student with DETC degree or transcript maybe accepted to WGU and after graduation that student will have RA accredited degree/ transcript.


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