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    I remember what was my finest moment regarding distance learning. I dropped out of the university without a formal degree in 2004 and decided to restart my studies in 2009. I changed the major, I changed the university, I changed the modus of learning, I changed even the instruction language and I was, as one might imagine, somewhat anxious.

    I sent in my first tutor-marked assignments by mail (!!!) and waited for the grades. When I got an SMS with the notification that there was a message from the OU, I was like a small child waiting for Santa Claus; including the fear that I might only get a piece of coal for Christmas. I logged in, looked for the grade... To this day, I am sure that no one ever was so happy about getting 56% in the history of distance learning.

    What was your finest distance learning moment?

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    No American would be, that's for sure! ;)
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    The passing grade was 40% at this time!
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