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    Hello, this is my message to this board, though I've already dilligently studied Dr. Bears' web site. I have MSCS (full-time) and would like to persue PhD, however I am full time employed and none of the schools I'm interested in are willing to accomodate me on a part-time basis. So I've started thinking of distance ed as an option. My understanding is that currently distance PhD programs in general are not accredited. There are two universties - Nove Souteresteran U. and Pace U which offer PhD and EdD in CS, both require attending the campus several times a year. Seems like their programs (esp. Nova) look sufficiently solid. I just have a few questions:

    Is this still considered a distance learning if you have to attend the campus?
    Anyone familiar with either Nova or Pace programs? (not particularly in CS)
    Their accreditation status (this one is really hard for me to understand)


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    Nova is accredited by the Southern Association, a recognized accreditor. According to the material I received from them, the residency requirements are basically attendance at two-week institutes or week-end clusters within a locale. The institutes are of two week duration, if I remember the material correctly. I looked at Nova for my purposes; however, their program did not fit in with my desires.

    Have you looked at Union Institute? It is fully accredited by the North Central Association. At Union you have only a 35-day (a 10-day entry colloqium is the longest contiguous part) residency requirement that can be spread out over the progam. Another advantage is you can tailor the program to your own needs. I attended Union in the early 1990's, only to be forced to withdraw due to some personal reasons. I am in the process of developing and submitting an application for re-admittance. Personally I liked their approach and Union's educational experience was one of the most broading I have ever had.
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    I'm familiar with Nova Southeastern in general and their business school in particular. I've also had some contact with the CS part as well. If you are looking for a distanced based PhD, they are certainly worth considering. Union is another good choice - but the two schools are quite different. Nova distance programs have traditional classes that meet on-ground and on-line for a significant part of your PhD program. Due to enrollment levels in CS (and business) they have a significant number of students studying in the same area at one time. My understanding is that Union Institute operates in a more individual study format - and that they don't have nearly as structured courses.

    Both schools have reputations as distance ed schools. Hence, they are not always held in high regard. Neither is a degree mill, however.

    Thanks - Andy

    Andy Borchers, DBA
    NSU (1996)

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