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  1. Hille

    Hille Active Member

    Good Morning and Peaceful Holidays to all. Browsing the FEMA EMI website I found there are three new offerings. Hille
  2. ShotoJuku

    ShotoJuku New Member

    Are they listed as being "new" or just been added?

    **NEVER MIND - I just looked, they're marked as new.**
  3. MichaelGates

    MichaelGates Member

    There are several new FEMA Independent Study courses that are in the works, and will be released in the weeks ahead.

    * IS-100.HC Introduction to the Incident Command System for Healthcare/Hospitals
    * IS-200.HC Incident Command System for Healthcare/Hospitals
    * IS-197.SP Special Needs Planning Considerations for Service and Support Providers
  4. LearningAddict

    LearningAddict Well-Known Member

    I've seen your transcript info for Excelsior and TESC, Michael. However, I wonder which courses are still being granted credit, and if the new ones are eligible.

    Would finding out be as easy as emailing TESC and/or Excelsior?
  5. laferney

    laferney Member

    will TESC credit bank award credit for these?

    Does anyone know if TESC's Credit bank will offer college credit for the newer courses offered as the 3 Michael Gates mentioned abovecoming soon or for the newer ones offered this year:
    FEMA Independent Study Program:
    IS-701 Multiagency Coordination System (MACS) Course
    FEMA Independent Study Program:
    IS-702 National Incident Management Systems (NIMS) Public Information Systems
    FEMA Independent Study Program:
    IS-703 NIMS Resource Management
    FEMA Independent Study Program:
    IS-800.A National Response Plan (NRP), An Introduction
    FEMA Independent Study Program:
    IS-860 National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP)
    FEMA Independent Study Program:
    IS-1900 NDMS Federal Coordinating Center Operations Course
    and a couple of others that have been revised.
  6. Hille

    Hille Active Member

    Evaluation time

    Hi, My guess is there is going to be a lag in time for TESC to evaluate the credits. There is always the possibility that they have decided to transcript all, doubtful. Hille
  7. MichaelGates

    MichaelGates Member

    I have already submitted my FEMA transcript this month to TESC to see if they have added any more courses to the list of those for which they are giving credit. My transcript has all course on it that have been made available, including the three new ones. I will advise when/if I get a reponse on the subject from TESC.

    I have also submitted some of other interesting free courses to TESC that might lead to college. No hints.
  8. MichaelGates

    MichaelGates Member

    It is easy to check which course are being offered credit. Just check TESC course descriptions. The FEMA Independent courses are added to this search area when approved by TESC. They will not mention the FEMA IS number, but you can match them by the EDM course description.

    Thomas Edison Course Descriptions
  9. MichaelGates

    MichaelGates Member

    Anyone here ever get credit for the United State Fire Academy Independent Stut Course Q534? It used to be SS-534 under the FEMA Independent Study program. I was given 1 credit hour for the course. I am investigating why this course description has change in the TESC course description database.

    Emergency Response to Terrorism (EDM-390) 3.00 s.h.
    This course is a self-study, self-paced, paper-based document and is designed to provide the basic awareness training to prepare first responders to respond to incidents of terrorism safely and effectively.
  10. Maxwell_Smart

    Maxwell_Smart Active Member

    Hey Michael,

    1. How do you fill out Section 2 of the TESC credit banking form to include Fema courses?

    2. On the form, it says: "If you have not contacted ACE to request your Registry transcript, the College cannot complete the processing your Nondegree Services Application."

    I've never seen anyone mention that they had to contact ACE for anything... is there ever a situation in regards to the FEMA or USFA coursework where that would be necessary?

    3. The form says that the fee for credits transcripted (1-60) is $380 for non-military people... so, if I were to transcript say, 60 credits to open the bank, and then later on add more credits, would I be charged an additional fee?

    4. Does TESC provide a site online where people can pay and open the credit bank?

    Thanks in advance! :)
  11. MichaelGates

    MichaelGates Member

    I got a credit bank account with a military discount for $250. That gave me one year and unlimited hours to be placed in the acount. After I had the account set up I just sent the FEMA transcript to TESC and a letter to TESC saying the trasncript was coming and I wanted credit.

    ACE does not trascript the FEMA Independant Study Courses. It does transcript two of the US Fire Academy Indepedent Study Courses. So there is no need for an ACE transcript and TESC has worked from the FEMA transcripts in the past.

    If you are not using the military discount, you will want to watch carefully what credit you put on the transcript and when. You might want to get the majority of the FEMA courses done before opening the account. You will have one year to add 60 credits and then after 60 credits or one year, you will have to pay the fee again to add more courses. The account stays active forever for the purpose of getting a transcript of the courses sent somewhere.

    With no limits for military I transferred 189 semester hours to my credit bank account, which included FEMA, USFA, and military correspondence courses that were ACE evaluated and offered credit. I had military courses from five sources (Army, Marine Corps, Air Force, Coast Guard, DAU) and dozens of courses.

    Most TESC employees cannot properly read an ACE course catalog. TESC messed most of the military courses up and gave no credit when just sent a transcript. I began sending each transcript one at a time and sending TESC a print out of the ACE recommendation and an Internet link to the recommendation online. After months I got credit for everything.

    My credit bank account made it possible to get my FEMA courses on my transcript at Excelsior by transfering them from TESC last year in 2005.

    My credit bank year ran out last February, but I am now entering a degree program with TESC and have months and months of dealing with getting large numbers of course transcribed behind me. Of course I now have a whole bunch of new things I am asking them to add to my student account and am awaiting the results. The new things will be icing on the cake, and do not directly relate to the degree program.

    I have only seen where you have to mail the form to TESC to open the credit bank.
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  12. Delta

    Delta Active Member

    Military discount?

    I noticed with Excelsior, the military discount applies to veterans as well.

    Who is eligible for the military discount at TESC?
    Active duty, reserves, NG, IRR, veteran??
  13. MichaelGates

    MichaelGates Member

    Thomas Edison State College

    Here is a list of choices to mark on the form.

    Air Force
    Coast Guard

    Active Duty
    National Guard
    Veteran: Prior Service
    Military Dependent

    I have also seen where State Defense Forces members have gotten to use this service, even though forgotten on the form.
  14. Delta

    Delta Active Member


    The application you sent says on page 2 one has to be an "active" member of the military then the 250 dollar fee applies. I don't see where they give the discount to veterans or dependents.
  15. Maxwell_Smart

    Maxwell_Smart Active Member

    Re: .

    Hey Michael,

    Thanks for the response! That really cleared up a lot for me. But, I'm still confused on the following item...

    1. How do you fill out Section 2 of the TESC credit banking form to include Fema courses?

    I'm not sure how to write these in...

    For example, would I write FEMA in the College-University field? I use my SSN for my Student ID with FEMA, so would I write my SSN in the student ID field? How would I handle the "dates attended" field?

    And finally, I would only get the ACE transcript if I were to take the USFA courses that are ACE evaluated, correct?
  16. Maxwell_Smart

    Maxwell_Smart Active Member

    This just occurred to me, and I don't know if this is possible, but... in order to get around the 60 credit limit, couldn't I just have some courses dropped from the bank, by request?
  17. MichaelGates

    MichaelGates Member

    Re: Re: .

    Section 2

    FEMA Independent Study Program

    Dates Attended
    200?-200? (Whatever years you have taken courses)

    Credit Hours.
    Skip. FEMA transcript is not in college credit hours.

    Skip the rest of the blanks. It does really matter to have them filled in as there is no unique information to put in them. You have to give your SS# in Section 1, so if something shows up with your SS# it will be identified by TESC.

    If you are sending a transcript and do not want all courses transferred from that transcript, then send a letter along explaining what courses you want transferred and which you do not.


    You would only have to get the ACE transcript if you were to take the USFA courses that are ACE evaluated. Which are Q118 & Q318. To get credit for Q534 you may have to send the USFA transcript and your certificate. TESC gets confused on this one a it has had more than one course number in the past. SS-534 under FEMA and Q-534 under USFA. When I took it as SS-534 it was never put on a transcript. When it was renamed Q-534 I took it again to get it on a transcript.
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