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    Interested in learning if anyone has some recent experience with FCC's AAS in EMGT.

    I understand that you take FEMA IS courses, which are then processed ($88) by em-study.com to 1 cr FEMA courses. When you have the proper combination of 3 FEMA courses from em-study.com, you transfer these to FCC. Subsequently, at FCC, you pay $100 for a "module" course taken via BlackBoard, and upon successful completion, these 3 FEMA credits + FCC module will be awarded for FCC EMGT 3 credits.

    Specifically curious as to how these $100 BlackBoard "modules" work.

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    That sounds like a lot of steps for not so lot of tuition savings...
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    Cost is not the issue / purpose of this thread. :)

    But for what it is worth, my local community college charges about $234/cr. So, a 3 credit course, without any additional college fees included, would run you about $700.

    The FEMA IS courses are "free"; em-study charges a $88/credit conversion fee; and FCC's own academic module is $100. In total, would run you about $365 for 3 credits.

    Still curious as to any recent FCC student experiences with AAS EMGT.
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    For future reference, what I have learned so far about the 5-week modules:

    - Taught in asynchronous format meaning that students are not required to log-in at a specified time.

    - Our instructors provide materials, lectures, tests, and assignments that can be accessed at any time. Assignments must be completed within the 5 week timeframe.

    - EM instructor support - online via Blackboard.

    - Discussion boards - completed online via Blackboard

    - One (1) to two (2) college level written essays completed online via Blackboard.

    - Proctored exam taken at an approved testing center.
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    I admit I have looked at the FCC Letter of Recognition, but do not really know what that means. I have 10 of the FCC FEMA Credits that I used at the Big 3.

    So after the six 1 SH credits you enroll in another 3 SH for the FCC Letter of Recognition? What does this Letter look like?
  6. badpenguin

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    I am far from an expert on FCC and their EMGT program (AAS degree, Certificate or Letter of Recognition).

    From what I understand, you have to be careful using the term "credit(s)", as it means two different things.

    First you enroll and complete FEMA IS courses from FEMA.

    After you complete the proper combination of FEMA IS courses, you can then go to EM-Study, and pay $88 per EM-Study/FEMA credit.

    Things become tricky one FCC becomes involved.

    At least for the degree program, a student needs six 3-credit EMGT courses, and then an additional 7 FEMA credits.

    To convert the EM-Study/FEMA credit to FCC EMGT credit, you need the proper 3 "EM-Study/FEMA credits", then you can enroll in the $100 5-week FCC module, and upon successful completion, your 3 "EM-Study/FEMA credits" become 3 FCC EMGT credits.

    For the AAS, you will do this six times, for a total of 18 FCC EMGT credits.

    For the 7 credits of elective, it is my understanding the will just accept 7 "EM-Study/FEMA credits", as these 7 elective credits do not need to be "transformed" into FCC EMGT credits.

    A bit confusing, I know.

    But, for the Letter of Recognition, I think you need a total of 9 FCC EMGT credits. "EM-Study/FEMA credits" will not do you any good.

    You would need the proper combination of "EM-Study/FEMA credits" to qualify for the FCC $100 modules, to "transform" the "EM-Study/FEMA credits" to FCC EMGT credits.

    Hopes this helps more than it confuses!
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    Thanks for the update. I agree with you that it's just not worth the effort to even try to figure out FCC. Over 200+ EM degree programs these days. I have been doing well at other Community College EM programs.

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