FEMA credits toward business degree COSC?

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  1. PrincessButtercup

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    I am an HR professional with 10 years of HR experience and 5 years of project management experience. I am looking to get a business degree quickly.

    I have SPHR certification (senior professional in human resources) as well as six sigma yellow belt certification.

    I know that the SPHR certification should be able to count for quite a few credits and I assume the six sigma should count for some as well.

    I know they accept FEMA credits, can I apply those toward a business degree? I will probably need to test out of a few classes, how do I know what I will need to test out of before spending a bunch of money?
  2. cookderosa

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    Yes, COSC awards credit for FEMA classes.
  3. rebel100

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    The Business degree requirements are here: Business Administration - Charter Oak State College Catalog

    The General Education requirements are here: General Education Requirements - Charter Oak State College Catalog

    You have to fill each of those, cornerstone and capstone are courses you take at COSC. As to what credit by exam will satisfy the above here is the COSC master list of exams, it includes CLEP/DSST/UExcel/TECEP/and EC exams. Fit these into what your missing. https://www.charteroak.edu/current/academics/earningcredits/exam/exams-master-list.pdf

    Note that capstone is a upper level (300-400 level), you will need 27 additional UL credits to graduate (9 UL classes typically) The credit by exam that's listed on the link above tells you what is considered UL credit. For the business degree these are specific and there are also pre reqs to fulfill like micro and macro economics and business statistics.

    With Gen Ed's and degree specific requirements met (along with UL classes), you can then fill in FEMA or just about any other credit for the remainder of your required 120 credits.

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