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    So I am taking two fema courses. ICS 300 and ICS 400. It's being held at the local isd. I'm a police officer so I figured I would rack up on some FEMA courses. The only thing is I haven't seen where you can actually get college credit for ICS 300 and 400.
    The two class are one week long combined.

    Has anyone heard of or taken these classes. I was wondering if TESC or FCC would give credit for them?

    Also, What do FEMA Course count towards? Are they applied professional electives?

    Sounds like TESC may be an economically better suit than Excelsior College since I am looking at FEMA courses since I'm a Police Officer. I still need 60 hours but I figure with FEMA, CLEP, ALEKS, and Straighterline it might be a breeze.
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    Those 2 courses are not on the current lists for TESC or FCC, HOWEVER, the current lists only contain online courses. You could call both schools, but since you're not a student, I think they'll tell you they can't answer. I know of no way to verify this without contacting the schools directly. You can, for sure, get credit for the free online classes (1 credit per course). FCC charges you to transfer in, and TESC charges an enrollment fee- so you'd have to calculate which would be a better deal based on your specific situation.
    You should also know that EC does NOT award credit for FEMA, but Charter Oak will take anything FCC takes.
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    Excelsior does award credit for FEMAs, but they have to be transcribed by FCC. The last time I checked, FCC charges $77 per credit hour. TESC and FCC award credit for independent study courses. ICS 300 and 400 aren't independent study courses. The only other way you could receive college credit for them is if they are ACE-approved and I don't see them on the list of approved courses from the Emergency Management Institute.
    ACE CREDIT | The National Guide to College Credit for Workforce Training
    Printable Course List
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    Charter Oak has lower enrollment fees than TESC and actually takes more FEMA than TESC as well. The FEMA are usually either free electives or applied professional credit. I doubt either 300 or 400 are good for credit as I don't think anyone has assessed them.

    I wish the in seat FEMA and CDP couses were evaluated, I think they would make for a great upper level bachelor's certificate and or credit at one of the big 3

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