FEMA course to college creidts ?

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    I have not emailed EC. I've only communicated with them via phone. I didn't know that I could send them questions via email. what is the email address?
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    Sent you a PM
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    I am pleased to see that you are considering Penn Foster College. I am in a position which makes me believe that will be an excellent choice. Now on some points that I believe constitutes a misconception. You will not need high speed internet as a condition for accessing the Penn Foster student website even if you thought that was indicated on their website. I do believe that most posters here on this board think the delivery of classes from Penn Foster are synchronous like UOP and they are not.

    The Penn Foster courses are asynchronous in their format. You are given access to a student home page where your study guides for the lessons are located in pdf format, but also these are shipped to you in print form along with your textbooks. You can either use the online lessons or the print material sent with your textbooks to do your studies. Penn Foster courses are not interactive, that is, you will not have to log on at any time in order to converse with an instructor. Interaction with an Instructor, if needed, can be via email or the telephone. I prefer the phone for all my contacts with the Education Department at Penn Foster.
    Your grades for the courses are yours alone and do not depend on group participation since there not any groups or group averages.
    At your student home page, you can take your online examinations, see your course averages, check your shipment history of study materials sent, and your payment history. At this site you can also make your tuition payments etc.
    These points I wanted to clarify.

    ASTET, Penn Foster. ASEET, Penn Foster (in progress fourth semester)
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    Hey Bill,

    Thanks for the info. The reason I have the impression that a High-Speed internet connection is needed is because, on the Penn Foster site there is a small banner on the right side of one of the course pages which reads: "interactive online version (requires high speed internet connection)"


    Besides that, I'm still a little foggy on something else... If I can take the courses entirely online, why does Penn Foster still send books? Isn't that just overkill and waste?
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    As far as I know, you can't take the courses completely online. The study guides are available online, and you can take your course exams online (except fo r the final proctored exam at the end of the semester), but you still need to use a regular text book for the actual coursework.

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    There is one course "Vet Technician" that has interactive online delivery consisting of a weekly chat. This is because of the accreditation by the AVMA.
    At one time, and I'm not sure they still do, we had a weekly online chat group for "English Composition."
    Their sending of textbooks is not over kill, since the courses are not designed to be taken entirely online. You need the textbooks in order to study and complete the course. The online stuff is composed of "Study Guides" that have some aside information presented by the guide developer along with the examinations questions. Believe me when I say this, since I have now taken nearly 100 courses during my 4 years at Penn Foster.
    To clarify this, yesterday I takled to the Education Department about these questions when I called about one of my exams.
    Penn Foster College courses are not online in the sense that UOP courses are.

    ASTET, Penn Foster. ASEET, Penn Foster (In progress fourth semester)
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    Ok, I stand corrected. That online business course referred to at the link you provided is something new. I guess the people at PF are not aware of it either. Humm!

    Well anyway, 99% of the courses are not online interactive.
    If that is the course you want to become enrolled in, then you'll need the high speed internet service, otherwise you will not.

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