Fastest way to get a BA in English?

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    Recently I found out about getting credits through exams, ST, FEMA, Penn Foster, etc. and I'm amazed. My semester in CC is over and don't want to stay very long at school as I'm an older person. I know about the Big 3 and TESC is the one I'll prob go for because it has specifically the English Major. Now, any suggestions about the fastest route to this degree?
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    There are only so many ways for English majors to get credit quickly. Options include the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, American Literature, English Literature, and Humanities CLEP tests, and the GRE Subject Exam for English Literature (Note that this is different from the verbal portion of the GRE general exam.)

    The problem is that if you take one of those you'll get full credit, but it you take a lot of them then they may overlap. If you can get TESC to tell you what that overlap might be ahead of time, then good for you, but you may also want to ask the admissions people at Charter Oak State College, which has an English concentration that is functionally identical to a major, since of the Big Three they're the ones who are known for answering questions like this usefully for those who have not yet applied.

    When I went through COSC, they were willing to tell me what CLEPs I should probably go ahead and take in advance of applying, so that I wouldn't have to pay more than one annual fee. The others... not so much.
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    Further to Steve: You can test out of about 18 semester hours largely in lower level (freshman and sophomore, 100- and 200-level) English at the Big Three through CLEP and/or GRE Subject Test. The GRE Subject Test is only accepted at Charter Oak, which is awesome.

    An issue in English is going to be meeting upper-level and specific-subject course requirements, like the Shakespeare and Non-Western Literature requirements in the English concentration from Charter Oak. I expect that even maxing out on credit by examination you'll have to take at least five suitable courses in English from a college, all or mostly upper level (these couldn't be from a community college), in addition to the capstone course, which you'd have to take from the college from which you were earning your degree. The Big Three offer their own courses, and are very open in accepting courses in transfer from other schools. Many Big Three students take relatively low-cost courses by independent study from schools like Brigham Young University (BYU IS university courses) and Louisiana State University (LSU IS English courses).
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    The tesc be humanities is more test out friendly and you can have a lot of English courses on your plan.

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