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    While browsing some schools on the web tonight I came across this school:

    Brewton-Parker College (http://www.bpc.edu)
    This school is local to me (same state anyway) ... it is a baptist school and as far as I can tell is RA.

    But when I go to this faculty list:

    I find:
    Dr. . Margaret Haines
    BS, Math and Education, Judson College, Marion Alabama
    M. Ed., Math and Education, Auburn University
    Ph.D., Adult Education, American State University

    If this is the American State University in Hawaii (and I know of no others, but I may be incorrect) then this falls outside of the "less than wonderful" scope and into the "totally fraudulant" arena.

    If the school is paying Margaret at the level of someone with a Masters then that's fine, but she's still using the title "Doctor".


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