Eye Level Learning vs Kumon (and/or alternatives)

Discussion in 'General Distance Learning Discussions' started by AsianStew, Oct 5, 2021.

  1. AsianStew

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    Hey, my kids have done assessments and were provided "home work" to do, but I'm comparing the two centers for cost and the amount of information they learn. Anyone here bring their kids to these learning or tutoring centers? I looked at their "grade level" homework, they only review two subjects - English and Math (it'll get boring as my kids are like me, ADHD/dyslexic on the mild side).

    Are there any that work on other subjects such as Language Arts or Socials Studies, Sciences, Fine Arts, etc...? I was looking around the state and can't seem to find some. Maybe I should look at community center offerings, as when they were in pre-school or summer camps/after schools programs, those were either play based learning, or learning based play. Any recommendations?

    We're also starting to put a little bit of cash into their educational savings ($100/month each). We think by the time they graduate high school, they'll be able to save at least $25K (compounded interests at play here). That should be able to pay for their "Big 3 and/or CBE" undergrad and graduate degrees (hopefully the tuition doesn't go sky high by then). Suggestions to do things differently?
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    I don't have a recommendation on tutoring, but I will say that How to ADHD has been a super helpful YouTube channel for my family to help us learn how to deal with homework struggles, ADHD meltdowns, and similar items.
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    I've setup my kids with both Eye Level and Kumon, daughter likes Eye Level more and son likes Kumon more... Anyways, I am still comparing the two, they're "so similar" in nature as both only tutor English & Math. The main thing is, they do by repetition, which means, it's going to be somewhat boring for them, so I paid for both courses instead of one. It's more like "home work" to them instead, if they can't finish the required assessments for the time, they bring it home to complete... I'm going to search for alternatives, maybe even a home school set of courses would be better, more variety...

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