Expired Graduate Credits. Who will take them?

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    I am a licensed middle school teacher. I have accumulated substantial credit hours for a Master degree. I was one class from receiving my degree (scholarly paper). Unfortunately, because of personal reasons I was unable to complete the paper and thus receive my degree. I have since completed my research paper but I am now told that many of my earned credits have expired and are thus useless. I am not eligible to graduate. I was forced to complete an addition 18 hours in a planned program in order to retain certification.

    I am looking for an accredited graduate program that will transfer my earned graduate credits from 1993 to the present. I keep running into 6 or 7 year time limits. I expect to complete a few classes to appease the new school but I really can not afford to pay for more education. I have yet to pay off the students loans from both my undergraduate and graduate courses.

    I look at it like this. I have done the work but was one class short. I have completed the work for the class I received an Incomplete. I am willing to pay a few thousands JUST to get a school to accept my credits and send me the degree. The work has been completed.

    So...what is the big deal will these hours expiring? Master and Doctorate degrees never seem to expire and holders from 1956 are still considered scholars. I don't understand the difference because I am working in my field of expertise.

    I painstakingly was able to receive my professional teaching certificate which was about to expire. I am now ready to make my district pay me for all these ridiculous courses I was forced to take. I believe they will accept any Masters degree so long as it is from an accepted "accredited" school.

    Personally, I don't care what school, what program, or what degree any more. I just want to recoup my investment. I will take a degree from Degrees-R-Us so long as it is accredited. Actually, I am feeling so low right now. I will even take it from a non-accredited or state-approved institution even IF I can never use it in the real world. I can at least frame it and know that in my mind. I earned the degree even if others do not recognize it is worthy.

    Thank you,

    Sorry for the rant. My name is Quemoni and I am a new member.
  2. Ted Heiks

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    If you could tell us what field your prior graduate credits are in, that would be of help to us in attempting to give you recommendations.
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    Oye! I guess that would be helpful wouldn't it?

    Well, let's see now.

    I earned BS in Ed degree in Industrial Education with a major and minor in Industrial Education. This afforded me the flexibility of teaching everything from Mechanical Drafting to Automotive Technology.

    On the graduate level, from the same school Central Michigan University I was pursuing an Industrial Management and Technology degree. This was also a flexible degree in which I could select several electives after completing the core courses. This degree intertwined nicely with the Education Department and the Business Department.

    Example of Courses

    Industrial Management and Principles
    Methods of Research in Education
    Classroom Teaching Methods for the Industrial Education Teacher
    Statistics for Educators
    Independent Studies: Curriculum Instruction & Design
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    How about....

    Western Governors' University? www.wgu.edu

    They have a lot of teacher programs and while your credits may not transfer over credit-for-credit, my understanding is that the work is self-paced, meaning your years of teaching experience and prior masters' degree work will count for something. It's worth trying.

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    Thank you Mbao. I ran across that name and I believe I checked their transfer policy and they too restricted the time for graduate level credits. I think they accepted ungrad credits with no time limits. I will check again.
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    What you need to do is contact them directly.

    Just call 1-866-225-5948 or
    1-877-435-7948.Someone should be able to help,if not an entrance counselor
    try to see if you can talk to one of the "mentors",they may be able to help.

    You coud also try TESC,but I don't know about
    their Masters programs.
  7. Ted Heiks

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    Baker College www.baker.edu has an MBA Industrial Management, but I'm not sure of their policy on age of transfer credits.
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    MGKRILL New Member

    Excelsior College

    20 years for General education courses.

    10 years for Technology courses

    You can get a waiver on Technology courses that are over 10 years old if you are working in a related field. For example you took Computer courses 12 years ago and you working as Computer technicain you can get a time limit waiver for computer related courses that you have took ...
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