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    I decided to get my bachelor degree after over a decade from my last college attendance. I applied to Excelsior and they transferred about 70 credits , I took additional 12 credit with Saylor and 6 with StraighterLine, now I need about 30 UL credits. Any suggestions on cheaper way to get these credits?
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    I agree with Sanatone, those are the best options. I am leaning towards recommending Study.com as they can be done entirely online.
    Furthermore, for Study.com, there are two exams/courses for $200/month, and an extra exam at $70 each after the two... cheap/easy/fast...
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    Idaho State University has Independent study courses at $160 a credit.

    Of course, you actually have to take a course and not a challenge exam.
    Find a course:

    Also, BYU Independent Study offers a few UL courses at about $200 a credit.

    Not too familiar with graduate credits for school teachers but looks very reasonably priced! If they give you crap for not being a teacher sign up as a substitute??
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    Here is some research I did into the issue when I was finishing my BS at Excelsior

    Here is some classes paired with UL exams

    Recommended Saylor Classes for Upper Division Exams:
    Saylor BUS205 Excelsior Exam BUSx323
    Saylor BUS300 Excelsior Exam BUSx425
    Saylor BUS301 Excelsior Exam BUSx410
    Saylor BUS403 Thomas Edison Exam CMP-354
    Saylor BUS303 Thomas Edison Exam NEG-401-TE

    I ended up using DSST Vietnam and Russia for some Upper Division credit.
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