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    It was through another thread here that I found this page at Excelsior's site - I felt it was worthy of its own thread!


    Woo-hoo!! That's a lot to save!! :D :eek: :D

    I checked a lot of the links - at first, nothing seemed to apply to me. Then, I came across The American Counseling Association. The local, state chapters have a cheaper rate for students. If I end up majoring in Psychology, which is one of the things I'm considering - then it would be worth the student fee.

    This week has been busy - applying to a few colleges: Eastern New Mexico University, Columbia College, (already applied to those two)... Charter Oak & Empire State are next.

    Been super worried about every penny (hopefully someday I'll be out of this & on more stable ground). Decided to hold back a few dollars of the bills so I can apply, otherwise it'll be next yr and I'll still be waiting to apply! Plus, I suddenly realized a better plan is to get into a school that has less expensive tuition, and then if I want to speed things up (or if I'm not super-pleased w/the school), then I should transfer to one of the big three.


    Anyway - sorry - I digress.

    I wanted to share this page because I hadn't seen it, even though I've gone through that site something like a million times, and I read this site almost religiously!


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